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How To Transcend Things

How To Transcend Things

The art of transcending is key to a peaceful mind. To 'transcend', means to 'go beyond' or 'go further than'. We might consider going beyond or further than our usual thought processes, our deep-rooted perceptions and beliefs. In a moment, I'll give you examples of things, situations, concepts and aspects of life, that we might want to transcend, bringing you a surprising amount of inner peace in a relatively short time. We react in certain ways in various situations, ways typical to us as individuals. Our usual emotions arise when someone is being disagreeable, we might adopt typical behaviors when facing a challenge, perhaps we make assumptions based on our deep-rooted belief systems, and perceive others around us in the same old ways we always have. All these have energetic consequences for us, so perhaps we can perceive things a little differently?

First Step To Transcending First, we must recognize those aspects of life that prevent us from progressing in our mental and energetic evolution. Recognizing and questioning our typical thought patterns and emotional reactions. Are we content to ride the waves of our automatic thoughts, reactions and assumptions? Or can we reexamine them with a view to moving beyond them? I have found that by doing so, much inner peace has arisen within me. Transcending To Release Resistance In transcending, we release much resistance to 'what is'. Sometimes unfortunate or unfavorable situations do happen, for example, we become embroiled in a disagreement with someone. If we release resistance to such a situation, we are accepting that it is happening; and this allows much of the negative energy growing within us to dissipate. I'm not saying that we should accept it when people treat us in unacceptable ways, we should remove ourselves from such situations. But when we do have to resolve something or stand our ground, which is most often; accepting that the situation is happening rather than resisting its existence, releases much negative energy and unpleasant emotion. Then we can move forward constructively. Allowing & Accepting All negative emotion is resistance; it is us saying 'no' to what is. If I feel angry, then I am resisting that something is happening. If I feel depressed, I might be in resistance to unhealed trauma from the past. When I feel anxious, I may be saying; 'no, I don't want that,' to something coming up in the near future. We can transcend a lot by accepting what is, facing and being present in it; asking ourselves why we feel how we do and moving forward with a constructive plan of how to cope better or how to heal. Transcending Is Like Alchemy Alchemy is the magical process of transformation. When we transcend, we are transmuting something we are resisting or ignoring, into something seamless. We are changing something restrictive into freedom, transforming barriers into pathways. What Can We Transcend & How? To Transcend Thought Thought is not a bad thing. I am thinking right now as I write this article, I had a little thinking session beforehand about what to put in it. But most of us become so swept up in thought that it's hard to observe the world around us. Have you ever gone for a walk and realized that you missed all the scenery because you were so wrapped up in thought and perhaps worry? This is us living in our heads. Thought is very involuntary, thoughts tend to 'just happen'. However, we can instantly become aware of our whirlwinds of continuous thought, and in doing so, step out of it, and observe the world around us; our family, friends, pass-times, home, nature and so on. This is transcending thought, going further than a tangled mind, into mindfulness, the present moment, and clarity. May I add that meditation helps.

Transcending The Five Senses & 3D Reality We could all benefit from realizing that we are infinite immortal beings in an intelligent, energetic reality. You are much more than you see in the mirror. Those amazing coincidences that have happened during your lifetime, those moments of intuition, foresight, and clarity; have been your true infinite self shining through. You may have had incredible psychic moments, seen synchronicities and signs, received messages from the dearly departed, or met someone you're sure is your soul mate. Consider that by accepting your spiritual nature, you are transcending this 3D reality, going beyond five-sense-based perception, and ascending to a higher level of consciousness. To Transcend A Belief System Belief systems were often given to us when we were younger. It may be a religious framework that no longer resonates or a less obvious belief system such as the notion that materialistic acquisition or the relentless pursuit of career success will bring fulfilment and happiness. We may be dogmatically scientific to the point of rejecting all spirituality, or overly logical to the extent we ignore our intuition, or perhaps we grew up in an atheist family rejecting, point-blank, anything metaphysical at all. If we put our belief system to one side and start afresh, exploring new ideas and practices, we can find our own truth and live by that instead. Here we go beyond the belief system, transcending limiting beliefs that may be holding us back. Transcending The Ego The ego is everything that makes up the concept of you, it's your human self in this reality, the tangled web of you. Multi-layered, the ego consists of aspects such as your self-image, self-esteem, how you perceive yourself, how you perceive reality and your role within it, your personality and everything about you. We can take a look at the self, become conscious of our ego, and question which parts have unconsciously or even involuntarily formed of their own accord, unchecked and unnoticed. We can work on and heal the parts of our ego that, upon examination, seem unhelpful, overblown or underdeveloped; tailoring an 'updated' or greater version of the self to be very proud of. Here we are moving beyond, going further than, the ego. We are bringing all aspects of self, conscious. By choosing to move forward with healing, self-development and spiritual practice, we transcend the ego and make our ascension. We can 'just be' sometimes, without being anything. Transcending Desire Sometimes what we desire isn't necessarily what's best for us. We might have our sights set on something or someone when really we don't know what we don't know; there might be something or someone even better around the corner. Through letting go and relaxing into creation, we hold a vibration of 'anything goes' and 'all is well in my reality', allowing creation to manifest all the best outcomes for us. We work on living in a high vibration day to day, allowing creation (which we are 'one' with) to provide all the best. This is transcending desire, going beyond trying to control all aspects of our lives and riding the waves of life, free from resisting the prospect of lack.

How To Transcend Things in life

Transcending Difficult Situations. You messed up at work, had a disagreement with a family member or your car breaks down; whatever it is, these situations are difficult, or are they? Life is a journey of learning and experience and that's exactly what our soul wants for progression and ascension. Problems can therefore be seen as challenges. In addition, through understanding, things aren't always so dreadful. We can empathize and try to understand why others behave as they do. Often due to the need for healing, perhaps they have an upsetting back-story that causes them pain, maybe they are going through a hard time. This understanding leads to forgiveness, and forgiveness calms our negative emotions arising from the situation. Transcending situations is going beyond being swept up in the emotions triggered within us. It's going further than taking the situation at face value and reacting. It's knowing that life is a journey, taken one challenge at a time. Transcending is having an understanding of why others behave as they do, forgiving and loving. It's taking a moment to become conscious of the situation and rising above it, I hope this has been helpful on how to transcend all kinds of things, situations, concepts and aspects of life that we might consider suppressive. This is all good ascension work and allows us to let in more light each day, going beyond, going further than, we ever have before. Here is a very useful book on Buddhism (yes a belief system but you can find your own truths!) to help you transcend a lot and transform many forms of suffering into great positivity: Heart of the Buddha's Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation.


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