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Symptoms of Blocked Chakras

Symptoms of Blocked Chakras

You may be experiencing symptoms of blockages in your energy centers or chakras. Energy centers make up the spirit that is the physical body. If you shine white light through a prism the colors separate into 7 basic colors, the same as a rainbow. The spirit is made up of white light and separated out are 7 chakras, represented by 7 colors, and these run down the center of the body. The red-rey (of light) or red (root) chakra at the base of the spine represents the basic chemical elemental body and comes from the planet we inhabit. A blockage in the red-ray can manifest as ill-health given that there may be a chemical imbalance in the physical body. Lower back pain can be a symptom. Physical healing and earthly grounding in nature are required. A blockage can manifest as difficulty in controlling emotions – feelings of anger, abandonment and despair. These are the most basic of human emotions and once the blockage is removed, emotions of a higher vibrational nature are more able to flow.

The orange chakra (at the navel) represents the human body complex (not just the chemical composition like the red-ray). This is the physical body as it has formed without the presence of the spirit. A blockage in this area can manifest as problems with the self or acceptance of the self. There may be a lack of self-confidence or excessive self-consciousness. An understanding of the self is needed – the ability to find yourself. The yellow chakra is more in tune with the social world. It is the combination of the physical body, the mind and the spirit at this point. The yellow-ray blockage presents as problems with the ego. There may be leanings toward power acquisition and popularity, and the need to control, manipulate and have power over others. The yellow chakra is clear when these symptoms cease to manifest. If the red, orange and yellow energy centers are obstructed then the ability to move forward in love, light and service to others is impaired. The green-ray chakra is at the center of the heart. This is the astral body. This chakra is packed densely with life force and is believed to be the white wispy body seen when a spirit manifests in this realm. It is not yet the intelligent energy that influences the mind. Clear and free-flowing green-ray energy enables self-awareness and opens the gateway to potential infinite intelligence. Blockages in this area manifest as an unloving, uncaring person. The love vibration must be free to flow.

Blocked chakras

The blue chakra, the light or devachanic body, has blockages that are apparent as an inability to communicate well or receive communication from others. This energy center is outputting as well as inputting. The self is misunderstood. There is an inability to take advice, understand or empathize with others. The indigo chakra (at the centre of the forehead) is the etheric body, the gateway to other realms. This body too is seen only as light and can represent itself in any form. This chakra is at the all important pineal gland and is the third eye. Blockages prevent an in-pouring of intelligent cosmic energy and can also manifest as unworthiness of the self. This is the very key gateway to divine and infinite intelligence and conscious progression. The violet chakra is the entire body, it resides at the top of the head, and is the sum of the other energy centers. It is not evaluated on its own since it is affected by the others. Overall, if the person is balanced or imbalanced it is represented by the violet chakra. Meditation, inner work, yoga and Reiki are common methods used to remove blockages from your energy centers. This is a great book all about Chakras: Wheels of Life: User's Guide to the Chakra System.


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