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​My viewers, readers, course participants and clients are such lovely and amazing people! Here's some feedback from clients. Please note that I am not currently offering one to one sessions.

"My session with Nicky was absolutely wonderful and delightful.  Her guidance, kindness and compassion is very heartwarming and uplifting, and she was able to help me connect with my spirit guides in a truly special way.  I felt so much better after our session, so in tune with my spiritual self and so inspired, it was truly an amazing and incredibly special experience.  I am so grateful for Nicky and all that she represents and who she is - a true light and symbol of love in this world. So honored to have connected with her and had the privilege of working with her.  Thank you Nicky!" 
(Meet Your Spirit Guides).

- Zoya Zackavec

"I was dealing with PTSD from my relationship with my ex-husband for over a decade when I came across Nicky and read about cord cutting. Before Nicky, I kept dealing with each trigger individually, and I was taking a lot of my resulting emotions out on my partner.  When I meet with Nicky, she relaxed me easily, and had me imagine my ex without emotion and in a happy memory.  I had a chance to tell my ex everything that I wanted him to just listen to. After I did the cord cutting with Nicky, any time I have a trigger, my subconscious brings up an unemotional, calming memory of my ex-husband and my mind is put at ease and my heart stops racing.  Cord cutting has truly been a healing that I’ve needed for a long time," (Cutting The Cords Hypnosis). 

​- Gail, US.

"I had the privilege of having a hypnotherapy session with Nicky. Before we began I knew I could trust Nicky, having experienced her audio affirmations & mediations. I felt that someone who would freely give such dedicated and powerful recordings to listen and discover your spiritual self would indeed be quite remarkable in a one to one session. Nicky made me feel very comfortable and at ease and was able to tune in to my purpose and spiritual needs for my time with her. I was gently taken into the world of my inner self with her calm and reassuring words. There, I found myself connected to the universal energy where Nicky was able to actually converse with what felt like my higher self. She was able to intuitively help me resolve my internal conflict with wise questioning and sincere honest feedback. I was returned back to this reality feeling moved, refreshed, positive and calm. Nicky is very talented and gifted," (Subconscious Exploration & Healing).

- Paul W., UK.

"I had a Soul Retrieval session with Nicky that was centered around a topic of ostracizing and bullying that was running in the background for a really long time since my early teenage years - about 20 years. Throughout my adult life I never managed to consciously find a closure to this topic and settle it. It was also "plaguing" my life and "eating away" from my peace and joy. The session with Nicky was that important step that helped me do it peacefully and gently. Nicky was the right person to do it with - loving, kind, compassionate, extremely competent in the art and science of hypnosis and psychology. She did it so well and so skilfully. It was not an easy endeavor and Nicky knew what approaches to take. It is definitely an art and science and Nicky is superbly skilled to do this high-caliber type of healing. I am immensely grateful and would whole-heartedly recommend Nicky to my loved ones," (Soul Retrieval). 

- Anna Leone.

"I really loved the Soul Retrieval Hypnosis session with Nicky. We focused on a particular issue I needed to address, which has been very helpful, as it allowed me to go back to its origin. I feel that this experience prompted the healing and offered me a much needed perspective. And the insight I gained truly helped me to reconnect with my most authentic self. It was a deep, enlightening and a really encouraging experience, and I will definitely book another of Nicky’s sessions in the near future," (Soul Retrieval).

- Nat, UK, Bristol ​

"It was such an honor to have had an appointment with you in person. I was delighted to find that she was just like herself on YouTube. Her authenticity compounded by her expertise made sure that I had an experience I will not forget. Spiritual seeking can be an obscure area to explore, but Nicky knew what she was doing and what to do when I ran into an unexpected block.
Overall, I am very satisfied with the experience and hope that more souls take advantage of her expertise," (Past Life Regression Hypnosis).

- Seunghun​.

"I was originally drawn to ‘Past Life Regression’ but after being educated on one of Nicky’s YouTube videos, I realised at this time it was ‘Soul Retrieval’ I needed. Nicky was so professional and empathic in her approach and makes you feel so at ease. She helped me understand how and why several past events I had attachments too were affecting me in the present. I strongly feel she has now helped me to let me to let go of these issues by enabling me to see my point of view and the point of views of the people involved. I felt so relaxed after the session, and physically lighter the following day. Nicky you are such an authentic, warm Earth angel and I wish you all the best!" (Soul Retrieval). 

- Jade Freeman, Scotland. 

"I had booked a session with Nicky through my experiencing the ‘dark night of the soul’ I wasn’t sure what to expect initially but after watching some of her videos on YouTube I for sure felt as though Nicky could help me somehow. It was a horrible time for me and I was very scared. As soon as I heard Nicky voice It was instantly calming and reassuring, she had a beautiful aura about her and I felt safe. We done the soul retrieval and after it was done I didn’t feel any major had happened, I just felt a lot lighter than I had previous. But the next morning I felt something had most defiantly shifted, my anxiety had left and I was being hit with major realisations about myself and how I’ve been living. I felt strong, focused and determined! I know I was coming out of the dark night and the feeling was eating. I seriously can’t thank Nicky enough. I would most definitely recommend to anyone that’s considering a session 100% and will for sure be booking another session for myself. Thank you so much once again," (Soul Retrieval).

- Jade, UK. 

​"I greatly enjoyed the Past Life Regression Hypnosis session. Nicky guided me through the whole process, helping me to get into contact with some of my past lives, which was a fascinating journey and helped me to gain a better understanding of my true self. Thanks to Nicky’s guidance, I managed to approach one of the most essential parts of my identity from a new perspective and to learn valuable lessons for the future. It was a satisfying and truly enlightening experience. That was my second hypnosis session with Nicky, and I strongly recommend her sessions!" (Past Life Regression Hypnosis).

​- Nat.

"I had a session with Nicky Sutton and I loved it, her voice is very soothing and she's capable of transmitting great peace through her healing voice and wisdom. I chose the 'subconscious & healing" session but I naturally went into a past life experience and the message and information I received is very important to help me understand patterns of negativity in this lifetime and also helped to make sense of why sometimes I feel certain ways about myself. I felt super calm and relaxed afterwards, I am now reflecting on the experience and applying what I learned into my life. I recommend Nicky services, because she's very gifted and a natural healer," (Subconscious Exploration & Healing).

- Claudia Aurora,

"I really appreciated  your soft and gentle approach!  I easily descended into my past life traumas and results were tremendous! Now, 3 days after our session I feel very different!!  Happier, lighter and more positive at the start of each day. I am grateful to have found someone so passionate about their work and I look forward to future sessions with you!" (Soul Retrieval).

- Diana, MA, USA.

"I had a hypnotherapy session with Nicky to communicate with my higher self. I was completely blown away by the session & got answers to questions which I've been seeking for quite a while. Nicky has a lovely relaxed way of bringing you through this experience. I feel really empowered after it & would highly recommend this experience. Thank you Nicky!" (Higher Self Hypnosis).

​- Sinead, Ireland. 

"Our appointment was just what I needed. I’m not sure why I couldn’t think of certain situations that occurred, but after we spoke I remembered more important ones and did the same exercise that we did. It worked just like it did when we did it together. I feel like it works like doing step 4 in AA/NA, which totally changed my life. This way is just easier Bc I visualize better than writing it out. But I will definitely be scheduling another session soon! I also can’t wait for your book! You are a life saver. Really, you are. You have a very special gift, and you have changed my life in such a positive way. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and wonderful gifts! You are such an amazing teacher and I will be a life long student. Thanks Nicky! I look forward to speaking with you again. May love and light be with you always," (Soul Retrieval).

-Krista S., St. Louis, MO USA

"Thank you so much for your patience and time. You have a very professional but compassionate approach which really worked well for me. After the session a couple of things fell into place for me and, I feel this was based on yourself, highlighting a couple of points to me which I needed to become aware of. I have felt more at ease, relaxed and more importantly I feel I have a clarity that I was seeking before the session. I am so grateful Nicky, thank you and much love," (General Chat).

​- A., United Kingdom.

"This course has helped me to become aware of my resistance I have blocked much light through to heal not only the inner critic & inner child but my limitation patterns I built around them in survival mode throughout this existence presently. I am grateful for this challenge for I know without doubt I will achieve all life has to offer through the healings taking place for my soul evolution and achievement of helping in raising the vibration of the collective light. It's been and is an honor and a privilege to be part of it all. I can now identify and shift my awareness to continue and master self love through accepting self in new & healthier self belief patterns and to stand in my power through gratitude within it all," (Inner Work For Ascension Course).

- Sue Booker.

"I find my subconscious exploration & healing session extremely helpful in healing my social anxiety. Nicky was empathetic, encouraging and loving. Through hypnosis she guided me back to the source memories, to release the blockages and to reintegrate the lost part of me. The whole process was therapeutic and empowering. When I was too emotional and lost in words, she was there to help, and I am very grateful for this experience," (Subconscious Exploration & Healing, Soul Retrieval).

​- Y. Zhou

"By working through this course I have learned how to let go of some hurtful things in my past and begin healing from the trauma those things have caused, and also how to accept myself the way that I am. I am an imperfect work in progress and I am okay with that. I still have a lot of work to do so I will be doing these exercises and meditations over and over again to get the most out of them that I can. Thank you for creating this course and allowing me to benefit from it," (Inner Work For Ascension Course).

​- Kim Spillers, Louisiana, United States.

"This course was extremely powerful for me! It has helped me to come to terms with a lot of limiting beliefs I’ve had.  I mostly learned how powerful my perception is about my life and the people around me. I realize that I am everyone and everything I’m experiencing because I form an idea and impression about the world from my inner self. Therefore, focusing on love for aspects of self has helped me to look at others with love and patience. Your meditations are extremely calming and effective. I had a lot of intense visuals and realizations through ought the course! I feel confident and rested and ready to move forward in this beautiful ascension! ❤️ Thank you so much for providing this course for us!" (Inner Work For Ascension Course).

- Rezin Shelton, USA.

"It was an amazing session with Nicky Sutton. Her guided meditation takes you to a deeper level of consciousness - your subconscious mind. My session is to meet my higher self, and boy did I ever, and more. I think I went to heaven because I was greeted by all my departed love ones including a dog and they were all happy to see me in this beautiful place. I was also looking at places from above looking down. I also saw bits of my past lives. It sure seems like I went to heaven and came back. The wisdom I got from my higher self gave me a new perspective in life - CONFIDENCE AND FEARLESSNESS is the message given to me. You won't regret booking with Nicky. Thank you Nicky Sutton" (Higher Self Hypnosis).

- Jup-nic, Trinidad.

"This course has helped me decipher all the different things that have been happening to me, and put names to things that I have been doing for years😁 and not even realizing my gifts in their entirety! And the guided meditations are so incredibly helpful. Thank you Nikki Sutton."  (Intuitive & Psychic Development Course).

- Meena Marcellais

"Before I started this course I felt like my life was out of my control. I was depressed and hurt. I started this course hoping to find answers to myself and why I was experiencing so much anger and resentment. The changes I've experienced are so subtle but its there. An inner knowing that my situation is what I need at the moment to propel me out this stagnant feeling. The biggest transformation is my love of meditation. I hated meditation...could not bring myself to sit still and judged my experience constantly. However with your meditations I felt at ease. I followed straight through and there were no self judgement. I felt proud of myself for every experience. The healing negative emotion was tough. I didn't realise the reasons for these emotions and although I have a better understanding I know I need to redo these exercises again to truly make that mind to heart connection. I enjoyed the chakra cleansing meditation. I was actually able to follow through and have repeated three times already. I needed this course. It has helped in ways I cant  quite explain or am fully aware off but I feel hopeful, trustful and eager to move forward. I still have a long way to go but I am so grateful to you for all your guidance and support. You radiate love and understanding and I hope to get to a point in my life where I can truly feel and resonate with that. I need to work on my judgemental attitude to others and acceptance of others despite circumstances." (Inner Work For Ascension Course).

- Chrystal Rampaul, Trinidad, West Indies.

"It helps me stay on track when my mind leaves the "higher-state" self and starts listening to the "ego" a little too much.
It reminds me that I am not alone in the world, in knowing that it is not just through our two physical eyes that we see.
Thank you." (Intuitive and Psychic Development Course).

​- Nicole K. R

"Nicky Sutton is an amazing spiritual teacher and leader who is communicating leading-edge, evolutionary information on so many relevant topics!  I found Nicky on Youtube and have watched many of her videos and forwarded them to friends who are seeking such information.  I have also done 3 phone sessions for Spiritual Guidance and Chat with Nicky to further clarify guidance that I was receiving and it's always an awesome experience and recommend it!  Her soothing voice and ability to guide into a meditative state and engage my Higher Self and guides helped me realize that I can call forth all of the Divine guidance I need at any time.  Thanks so much, Nicky for all you do and BE for the evolution into the New Age!" (Spiritual Guidance & Chat, Higher Self Hypnosis, Past Life Regression).

​- Denise, USA

"I loved this course.  I appreciate you making accommodations for those of us with Aphantasia. It used to bother me very much that I had this, especially when doing guided meditations, but you made me feel very included.  It was also reassuring to know that intuitive work is still possible for me! I learned a lot from this course.  You explain the material very well.  I appreciate all you do! It did take me some time to get through this course, but that was just because I had a very busy few months, and could not seem to get back to it.  I am glad I finally had time to finish. Thank you!" (Intuitive & Psychic Development Course).

​- Monica Beers

"I really enjoyed this course and I look forward to using the exercises and meditations many times in the future. It helped me realize many of the beliefs that I held on for so long were not mine nor were they beneficial. I also feel that I am radically excepting myself and am better at making peace with my inner critic. I felt wonderful doing the meditations and feel that I am closer to knowing my true self and understanding who I really am, and that is someone who is not defined by others. " (Inner Work For Ascension: Discovering Your True Self Course).


"I've gained a greater understanding on trusting my innate abilities, not only through this course, but all works that Nicky has compiled and shared via Patreon and YT.  Nicky has been a light for many my self included and has shown the way through the dark. The works have always resonated with my own understandings and knowledge and given me that extra bit of confidence in my clairs and what they receive is real and not just coincidental or imagined. Thank you again for your continued support and for reaching out to us all.  Love light and blessings to you xxx" (Intuitive & Psychic Development Course).

​-  Aaron Batchelor

"Nicky was wonderful to work with. She was so calming and explained the process so well. Her voice is so soothing and I had no problem relaxing and entering the appropriate hypnotic state. She guided me effortlessly through two past lives and I was able to heal trauma from both. I would highly recommend Nicky to anyone looking to get a past life regression. I will definitely work with her again!!" (Past Life Regression Hypnosis).

-Nicole P., USA.

"This course is an extremely valuable tool for anyone who wishes to advance their own abilities, or to better understand the psychic, medium, or spiritualist in their life. This is a journey that is unique to each of us, but there is much that we can learn from those who are traveling the path ahead of us. I'm a developing medium, working with a mentor, but there were many things, (techniques) that I learned in this course that I had never had exposure to. Nicky, my hat is off to you, you have taken many complicated teachings, and explained them perfectly. Thank you for everything you're doing," (Intuitive & Psychic Development Course).

​- Michael Marsh 

"Even though it took me 6 months to get to the end, I don't think I wanted it to... having this beautiful and gentle framework to use to explore and create a balanced inner space has been an invaluable resource during what was an abrupt, unexpected and frankly terrifying spiritual awakening. Many great points made and visualizations explained have helped me to understand the experience of emotion created in our human forms. I'm not sure where I would be if I hadn't have taken this course. 
Such authenticity and care combined with deep and well founded knowledge of the principles that govern our universe is an unmistakably powerful recipe for the success of inner work and I would like to express the highest of gratitude towards you and all your brilliant work Nicky," (Inner Work For Ascension: Discovering Your True Self Course).

- Alex Pepper, Australia/UK.

"The Teacher comes when the student is ready... So was pretty much with this course. I'm on my spiritual journey as everyone other from us is and I think I feel a strong connection with My Higher or True Self. This course surprised me, because I learned something about me that I didn't know it was there. First, I thought I had only one limiting belief and it is about my appearance. But then I wrote the first and the second and the third -  and I saw I had three full pages written and i'ts still not all of it. 
The second helpful thing was the Acceptance of the Inner Critic. There was an idea in this course that made me see something so obvious and so eyeopening: It is the part when it's says "I can work on it if I want". It is so true! I could change so many things about me, if I only decide to work on them! So at the end there were two things I've made decision about: I will work on my body and my appearance AND I stop being afraid to go forward with development of my Clairs," (Inner Work For Asension Course).

​- Darja

“Today I thank Nicky for her spiritual wonderful guidance, for her magnificent gift of sharing knowledge, for her ability to complete, thorough and clear explaining, and for her kindness that transcends her words and the screen of my laptop. I thank her for being a true spiritual guide, answering almost like through telepathy to my specific questions. Her guided meditation is deep and full of meaning and symbols. This is more than a course, it is a connection,” (Intuitive & Psychic Development Course).

​- Irina, Romania.

"The session with Nicky was amazing! She is very sweet, calm, empathetic, encouraging, intuitive, loving, and knowledgable. I can go on and on, but Nicky is an outstanding teacher and I felt completely understood. She helped me so much gaining more insight into my spiritual journey! The session with her was exactly what I needed and I look forward to more sessions with her in the future. Thank you so much Nicky!!!" (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Erica T., Mexico.

"This course helped me so much to confirm what I hoped to be true which is that life doesn’t end when our physical bodies are tired and die.  That we are part of something so  great and so much larger than we could even imagine and that our existence is infinite.  That everybody I love who has passed away and gone physically aren’t really gone and much closer than I imagined.  And that I can access  knowledge from my higher self and my guides with meditation and lots of practice," (Intuitive & Psychic Development Course).

- Elisha Goulet, Massachusetts.

"I am on the awakening path and the regression helped give me completion on an issue I have always wanted to complete. It was a surprise to discover the source. I cried and forgave and sent it packing! Next I was guided to blockages to transcend to further awaken and those were so obvious I missed them if you know what I mean. Clarity at last and progressing forward. Nicky set aside some of my concerns early on as well making me realize something I thought was an issue was not. I had labeled myself a particular way bc a couple others had but Nicky made me see that was them & not me! I’m good. It was a relief to have her have my back. I would highly recommend booking with Nicky. For me a regression was best to get out of my own way, but there are many various choices fir how she can help you. If I ever need further awakening guidance I will be booking again. Nicky is sweet and concise yet you feel you have all the time in the world. She keeps the conversation on task though and results are delivered", (Past Life Regression).

- April McKay-Dudsic

"I found the course helped me to dig deep down to old wounds and heal them. It also gave me a different perspective on myself and on the way I have looked at others in the past. Nicky is very informative and the videos included in the course are brilliant. If you went for a session with a practitioner you would pay more for half an hour than you would for the whole of this course" (Inner Work For Ascension: Discovering Your True Self Course).

- John Abbotts, Redditch, UK

"For a newly awakened person I was freaking out as there wasn’t anyone I could talk to. I had so many questions and felt overwhelmed. Nicky was so kind and helpful. We went over many topics as well as how I awakened. I am so grateful for her and her videos! Keep going girl! You have no idea how much better I feel after our phone call. Love you Nicky!," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

​- Diane P., United States.

"I have been a spiritual seeker for about 10 years.  One important step for spiritual awareness is inner work, and it is something I often struggle with.  I was so excited to hear about the Discovering Your True Self course!  I have been watching Nicky Sutton's videos on YouTube, and found them very informative and helpful.  The course was no disappointment!  I feel it has helped me organize my inner work practice, and it has given me tools I can go back to as needed.  I love having access to the guided meditations any time I need them.  I would recommend this course for anyone who would like to get to know their authentic self, dissolve negative core beliefs, and gain awareness of the self" (Inner Work For Ascension: Discovering Your True Self Course).

- Monica Beers, USA

"Nikki as expected showed her authentic self in helping me understand more deeply my blocks and spiritual path. I recommend her all round wonderfulness! " (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Alice L., United Kingdom.

"I found Nicky on YouTube by accident and I’ve really felt in my heart that she was speaking to me in person. Her energy and care just touch you even when she’s not there. I booked two sessions with Nicky one counseling and one hypnosis and I was able to get to the subconscious mind. So incredibly healing! I really really recommend it! Think about how much money you spend on medical insurance and medication and gym membership and all that and so little on actual well being," (Subconscious Exploration & Healing, Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Wanyi Zhu

 "I watch a lot of YouTube videos and usually there are a lot of random topics. This course flowed and had a helpful path. I will go back and watch some of the videos and I know I will use these tips for my journey. Thanks!" (Intuitive & Psychic Development Course).

- Linda Pflaster 

"Just like a few other people I was led to Nicky's videos on YouTube, I had YouTube running on auto-play to have videos play on the background and most of the videos just kind of went into one ear and left the other. Until Nicky's videos came up, 

At first it was her voice that caught my intention, then it was the words she said, then i felt this light. Some time has passed since then and now i can sense people's radiance and light before even having to hear their voice or anything like that. Nicky has helped me with that, it's been quite a rough time in my life but just talking with her about all that we can't really understand has helped so much. Just the fact that she TRULY takes the time to listen to you, to think together with you, to make you feel connected without even really trying even though you've been feeling so disconnected for so long, is worth more than any amount of material or money or whatever else there is. Absolutely priceless. Thank you Nicky for being you and all your positivity, thank you for doing what you do. Regardless of my thoughts of reality, people like you make me happy to be a part of this world," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat). 

- Selina, Netherlands.

"Thank you so much, Nick Sutton for your hard work & dedication. You have been so helpful with my journey. We need more people like you in our world today," (Higher Self Hypnosis).

​- Janya G., United States.

'I first discovered Nicky's videos on YouTube about a week before setting up a session.  I watched several of them, and right away knew I wanted to meet with her in order to get some spiritual guidance.  I had been seeing spirits since I was a child, and hearing what I thought were messages from the other side, but couldn't distinguish whether it was real or I was just imagining things, or making them up. For some reason, I'd always felt called to communicate with spirit, but I just didn't know HOW.  

So I set up a session with Nicky.  It was fantastic.  We were able to go over so many things in so little time, and she really helped me see the nature of my gift, and how to access it and help it flourish.  I found out during my session that the songs that would randomly pop up into my head were my guide's / spirit's way of communicating with me.  This has been happening for years and years, and I never understood why until right then.  

After our session, that night--I decided to practice.  I went online and joined a group for mediums and said I'd like to practice on some people.  A user responded.  Mind you--this online forum is completely anonymous, and the only thing you can see about a person is their actual username.  Nothing else. 

As soon as I opened her message, and told my guides I'm ready, I saw a beautiful older woman standing there with a pearl necklace glistening and glowing around her neck.  I told the user this.  It was correct.  Her grandmother had passedand owned a beautiful mother of pearl necklace which had been given to the user before she crossed over.  I told the user I was hearing how beautiful the grandmother was. I kept hearing "I was a head turner" over and over in my head.  The user laughed and said her grandmother used to say that about herself all the time when she was in the physical.  I then started hearing a song by John Legend called "Where Did my Baby Go?" which is where John is expressing how he's missing his woman, because she's gone.  So I asked if there is a man named John who would be here in the physical.  This was right on as well.  Grandmother's husband was named John!! He was "missing his woman".  WOW!

Since that night, I've been reading for people on the internet, without knowing anything about them but a username, and have had experience after experience just like the one above. 
It is amazing and fascinating to build that confidence in knowing that I'm not imagining things, and I can really step into my gift.  Nicky really helped me with that.  She helped me see how my guides were communicating with me.  She asked thought-provoking questions to help draw out the things I needed to know and hear myself say.  She is truly gifted and intuitive.  I don't think I'd be doing this if it weren't for her.  It was worth every dime!' (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Stephanie H., USA

"Nicky, thank you so very much for my awesome guidance session. You helped me put things in the proper perspective, and you did it with the utmost kindness and caring. I thank you for your wisdom and encouragement. It felt like I was speaking with a great friend. I feel very blessed to know I have you as a spiritual counselor. I also thank you for the endless energy and love you put into every YouTube video you make, those have helped me tremendously as well. I wish you every great thing in life! Love, light and blessings!" (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Paula

"After recently seeing some of your YouTube videos I felt it was time and appropriate to try out a past life regression session. My intention was to resolve a deeply rooted anxiety that has bothered me for as long as I can recall by getting your help and support to uncover deep memories linked to it. As it turned out I was not disappointed by my experience of the session. In my opinion, you worked skillfully, guiding and supporting me through the various stages of my inner experience and facilitating that I got as much benefit as possible out of the session. The pivotal event in the session was when you asked if something I was experiencing a symbolic representation of something. This was the point where the session turned into a conscious healing experience. In the process of writing this feedback another experience in the session comes to my attention that seems to be of significance and probably points to another unresolved personal issue. In conclusion, I’m pleased to have done this past life regression session. Thank you. And I would be happy to do more sessions with you as and when more issues arise," (Past Life Regression).

- Stephen Armstrong, United Kingdom.

"Nicky is a gifted, intuitive counselor. Kind, warm, and very present, I highly recommend her to those seeking "practical" and grounded spiritual guidance," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Nicole Ferrer

"I spoke to Nicky and it was a lovely experience. I'm new to seeking help. It's something I've always done myself but having had a extreme kundalini awakening I'm realising there's benefit to be had from not only learning from intelligent creative people but talking to people going through similar things. It's often the case that higher vibrational beings feel isolated so bless Nicky for offering what she does. If you are considering it, go for it. You won't regret it:)," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- D. Griff, United Kingdom.

"I found Nicky by chance and have been really touched by the practical suggestions she gives in her tutorial video in YouTube. That was exactly what I was looking for. I decided to book for a one to one session and that was really great. She is very practical and calm and it is very easy to work with her. I am looking forward to my next one to one session. Thank you Nicky," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

​- Cristina P., Italy.

"I had a one hour subconscious exploration and healing session with Nicki. I had a particular fear/ worry that I wanted to explore. I was a bit anxious before the session that I wouldn't see anything and waste my session! However, Nicki was very good at relaxing me and putting me into the right mindset for the session. It was also nice to have a little chat with her before we dived into the session. I have to say I got a lot more out of it than I expected. I was able to transmute the worry that I had and also address other worries that I had and explore my life's purpose. I really enjoyed it and do not have the worries and fears that I had before. I've not even thought about those negative things once. The day after my session with Nicki my head felt really light and I felt as if a weight had been lifted from myself. My only negative is that I wish the session was longer as I knew more things were going to come out. Looks like I'll have to book her again! It's well worth it for the money and I definitely recommend her to everyone," (Subconscious Exploration & Healing).

- Rujina, United Kingdom.

"Thank you Nicky for your past two sessions you did for me. The first was spiritual guidance, and the second was to help me meet my spirit guides. Nicky helped me over Facebook video and was very friendly and really helped me understand and improve my own spiritual journey, I would recommend anyone seeking guidance to book a session with her!", (Spiritual Guidance and Chat + Meeting Your Spirit Guides).

- J. Freeman, Pennsylvania.

​"I was searching for someone I felt comfortable with to help me heal. I'm so glad I found Nicky online because she has helped me surface many past issues that needed to be faced and dealt with. I highly recommend talking with her. She is as professional as she is kind and loving. She has a real desire to raise the vibration of the planet by doing this great healing work. Thank you," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

​- David, NY, USA.

"An Incredible Life Changing Experience! What an awesome trip that was! I had always had some recollections and some extraordinary Dejavu but never had the ability to truly get to the deep details of stories. Nicky was able to be my escort into the intricate events surrounding scenes and stories that bloomed like a high speed camera. She was able to guide me through some deeply emotional connections that seemed entirely real. Her assistance is a crucial tool that you need to find out who you were! It made for an awe stricken ride! Much love to Nicky! She is the best! I can't wait to do it again and see what she helps me find next time! Thank you thank you thank you!" (Past Life Regression).

- B. Harrison, United States.​  

"I booked a session with Nicky because I was interested in learning more about how the law of attraction works. I heard a lot about it but I had some specific questions which related to some areas of my personal life and how I could possibly utilise the law of attraction to help improve those areas. Nicky suggested a plan and funnily enough, I started to see results within just a few days and was very surprised! I’m beginning to see how powerful our subconscious minds are in helping to manifest what we want and that the Universe is indeed, abundant. I feel Nicky has people’s best interests at heart so she’s able to give advice for one’s highest good and I believe that’s the sort of advice required for growth and enjoyment in life. Thank you, Nicky, for operating in love and light and spreading the word about our true potential," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- D. Zissi, United Kingdom

"I was exploring other past life meditation options for doing more Higher Self / Past Life inquiries on my own, when I came across Nicky's site. I decided to try a session with her because I felt she could hold a clear energy space with integrity. It was a lovely experience to have her facilitate the questions I had for my Self during the session and found it quite useful. I felt safe and supported too. For those that this type of inquiry is a match, I recommend her service," (Past LIfe Regression).

- Angela Rider

"Talking to Nicky was a relief, all those judgements and crazy thoughts you kept for long they just pour out freely and make sense finally. She understands what you mean and the hour went like few mins. I really enjoyed the session!" (Subconscious Exploration an Healing).

- Paul S., United Kingdom  

"I feel I have a better sense of who I am on a soul level. This was my first session and I thought it wouldn't work. Nicky was very calm, understanding, and encouraging to me. Then, as we went along I was able to convey in words of my past lives. Although at times I couldn't find the right words to describe it, she asked good questions and gave good explanations to help me along the way. If you are curious about your soul, give it a try! Great experience, thanks again! :)" (Past Life Regression).

- L. Vadysirisack, USA.  

"Nicky was able to give me some helpful perspectives that I needed. She is nice and gentle person with valuable knowledge" (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Adrian Phoenix Zheng

"​Given it was my first time experiencing anything like a Past Life Regression I was surprised at how relaxed and safe I felt.  Nicky clearly felt like a trained professional and I could trust her process. During the process I was at times surprised what came up and yet I felt it was true.  After the session I felt even more certain of my chosen path of teaching the wanderers and heart centered people ways to recognize influences that are not aligned with their True Self and guide them how to shield themselves from negativity so they can stay in their joyful, loving, beingness."

- Aryana Rollins,, San Diego, California.  

​"It was lovely to talk to someone with such an insight into the world. I found Nicky patient, thoughtful, compassionate and full of knowledge, willing to share great advice with a genuine concern for every living thing. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Nicky, you are truly an indigo child," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

​- Maggie, South East, UK

​"It a wonderful experience and I recommend it if you want to know more about yourself. Visualization and Intention is key. I messed up a few time, and Nicky help me get back into the step. I learn three of my pass lives, and also learn my Spirit Guide name. It easy to do, and it enjoyable too. Thank you for your time." (Meeting Your Spirit Guides).

- K. Smith, USA.

​"Consultation with Nicky, I had booked 45m of consultations and before you know it, my 45m was up, so generous and kind Nicky is, we talked an extra 10-15m at no cost to wrap up everything we were talking about. My overall experience was fantastic Nicky makes you feel so relaxed and at ease to talk to her and share everything openly and that's exactly how I felt. I saw that Nicky could see clearly where I was in my spritual path and was able to guide me towards the good direction. I'm very happy with the results and I can't wait to book another session. You have a big heart and also very generous, thanks Nicky for everything," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Samantha D.M., Canada.

"At first I was really nervous about trying past life regression, but Nicky was so nice and calming that the whole thing went smoothly. She was very professional, enthusiastic, patient, and kind, which really helped to create a safe and open environment. From this session, I feel that I really learned more about myself and would definitely try past life regression again sometime. It was an interesting and positive experience!"

- Katie, Chicago, IL, USA.  

​"Are you kidding? Nicky really gives everything to her clients. She's a great listener, intuitive, gives wonderful feedback. A one-on-one session is just the addition to enhance and personalize an already fantastic video library. Our session was exactly what I needed at this point in my life, and I'm likely to be back! Light and life, Nicky!" (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Kirsten R., Norway.

"I loved taking this course! This course is laid out in a step-by-step method and provides the structure to trace back our negative emotions to negative core beliefs and make them dissolve. Nicky is an amazing spiritual coach and thanks to this course I have come closer to my authentic self. The exercises in this course as well as the pleasant and inspiring meditations have been very helpful. Moreover, Nicky is so pure, loving and peaceful that it felt like she was talking directly to me! Thanks again Nicky for wonderful course and for helping so many people around the world. Needless to say, I can recommend this course to everyone!" (Inner Work For Ascension: Discovering Your True Self Course).

​- Erica, Mexico

​"My 2 sessions with Nicky were just wonderful. Nicky is so awesome and is helping me in so many ways. Her videos are full of such wisdom and insight and talking with her on a personal level has helped me to better understand a lot of my questions in regards to my spiritual journey. I will be calling on her again very soon. She is a beautiful bright light and I just love her," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Carol C., California.

​​"A great session to help me direct my inner development to heal elements in my past holding me back in living an authentic life. I have gained a new perspective and inspiration for my spiritual progression. Exactly what I needed and highly recommended!" (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Marise, Luxembourg.

"Thank you Nicky for your kindness, love and patient thoughout the session. I was quite anxious to start, but you made me stay so relaxed. Great experience! Love and light Dilma xx" (Past Life Regression).

​ - Dilma, United Kingdom.

"Nicky has a talent for guided meditations, and her videos are always very calming and provide solutions to the world. Her course on inner work for ascension came to me at the right moment because through her meditations, I was able to heal some childhood trauma on something I've always struggled with. I've also felt so much more aligned with myself and open to listen more to my inner guidance. Thank you Nicky for providing this service to the world. If everyone listened to and did the exercises in this course, the world would definitely be a much better place. Much love to everyone who reads this" (Inner Work For Ascension: Discovering Your True Self Course).

- Anna C., Houston, TX

​"Nicky is a priestess of light doing a good job :) Just talk to her and you will see :)," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Pucolek M., Sweden.

​"Nicky is an outstanding teacher. She is down to earth yet powerful and kind. I’m new on my spiritual path and the information and guidance she puts forward is very clear and concise. Nicky communicates in a way that is understandable and I’m so glad she shares her insight on YouTube as well as offer consultant services for continuouslearning. It was a pleasure working with Nicky. I look forward to more sessions in the future. Thanks so much!!! :-)" (Spiritual Guidance & Chat). 

- Lisa J., United States.

"This excellent course clearly guides us through a way to becoming far more aware of who we truly are.... It gives full revealing information covering many aspects of our daily habitual responses. Nicky points out that these are indeed malleable, so can be visited and changed.
The effective guided meditations bring a definite shift to even our unconscious thoughts and reactions, which when processed peel and clear away, allowing us to move on. The True Self is beyond all the illusions of this lifetime and is simply waiting for the accumulated layers of perception to be dissolved. I love that this course can take as long or short a time as is needed and can be revisited freely to continue to work through issues as they come up to be cleared. I feel quite different.....calmer and more centred generally. Thank you Nicky" (Inner Work For Ascension: Discovering Your True Self Course).

- Christine Taylor, North Wales, UK 

​"Very compassionate and real sense of care. love your quirkiness, makes me feel comfortable. Feeling inspired :-)"
(Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Laszio, Australia.

​"Every bit as lovely and insightful to talk to as to watch on YouTube. I found Nicky's perspective helpful and thought provoking. Thanks Nicky!" (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Matthew R., United Kingdom.

​"Greatest ever! I spoke with Nicky an hour and for me being a quiet person she had me rambling on like a schoolboy. She knew how to get me to talk and helped me decide what I needed to do ! Thank you," (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

​ - Brian V., Texas, USA

​'Had a great time talking with nicky, she is amazing and will shed light on alot of the issues you need to address, much love !' (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

- Juan Pablo, NY

​'Had a wonderful talk with Nicky! She is the best !:)' (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

​ - A. Karim, Finland

'I enjoyed the talked I had with Nicky! she is very kind, calm, and sweet :)' (Spiritual Guidance & Chat).

​ - E. Sajjadi, USA

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