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Consciousness Rising

I'm thrilled and honored to be working with Hay House. My book 'Consciousness Rising: Guiding You Through Spiritual Awakening and Beyond' is available now!

​"Nicky Sutton offers this transformative guide to spiritual awakening, giving advice on manifesting, meditating and moving through any challenging parts of the journey from awakening to rebirth."

"A compassionate guide to the process and challenges of spiritual awakening, from breakthrough and enlightenment to finding peace, balance and connection with your higher self".

Consciousness Rising Book about Spiritual Awakening
Nicky Sutton Consciousness Rising Book about Spiritual Awakening

Designs by Nicky Sutton. Affirmation pillows speak to your subconscious mind to help you manifest your desires, create beautiful experiences and enhance your divine gifts. Your subconscious mind pays attention to the messages on the pillows even if you're conscious awareness is on other things. There are spiritual pillows too, for strengthening your divine connection. Visit my affirmation pillow shop Affirmation Vibration.