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Nicky Sutton Meditations


Hi, I'm Nicky Sutton. I'm so happy you're here.


I create sleep meditations to help people to sleep well, heal, Improve their well-being, experience amazing journeys, develop intuitive senses, manifest and much more.


My sleep meditations are designed not only to help you have a replenishing sleep but to speak directly to your subconscious mind for powerful manifesting and personal development. After a relaxing, soothing sleep talk down, sleep affirmations are used to achieve the desired results. I hope you enjoy my work!

About Me

Nicky Sutton, BA(Hons), DHP Acc.Hyp, Adv.DPLT, is a meditation guide, author, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist. 

As well as creating sleep meditations, ​I inspire and guide people through the process of spiritual awakening and beyond, towards infinite metaphysical and mind-expanding possibilities. I also offer my understanding of our true nature as infinite, immortal, energetic beings. My book Consciousness Rising encapsulates this.

I have a popular YouTube channel called Nicky Sutton - Sleep Meditations.

​Among other qualifications, relevant ones include:
- Diploma in Hypnotherapy.
- Diploma in Past Life Therapy.
- Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy.
- Diploma in Organizational Psychology.
- Level 2 Certificates in Counseling Skills in Practice, Counseling Theory & Personal Development.
- A first class honors degree in Marketing BA(Hons) - so if anyone understands how the media manipulates us (and how to reduce the effects) it's me!

Past Life Therapy Certificates
Hypnotherapy Qualification

Thank you

Thank you so much to those who have so kindly asked for a way to support my work with a one-off amount. I'm extremely grateful and honored that you enjoy my videos, it's a pleasure to be of service to you. If you wish to do this, here is the link to PayPal to support my work. Thanks so much again.

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