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Consciousness Rising: Guiding You Through Spiritual Awakening & Beyond.

I'm thrilled and honored to be working with Hay House. My book 'Consciousness Rising: Guiding You Through Spiritual Awakening and Beyond' is available now!

​"Nicky Sutton offers this transformative guide to spiritual awakening, giving advice on manifesting, meditating and moving through any challenging parts of the journey from awakening to rebirth."

"A compassionate guide to the process and challenges of spiritual awakening, from breakthrough and enlightenment to finding peace, balance and connection with your higher self".

Book about spiritual awakening, Consciousness Rising
Nicky Sutton Consciousness Rising Book
Consciousness Rising Book Spiritual Awakening

A Book About Spiritual Awakening

I had an abrupt spiritual awakening more than ten years ago now. It was seriously life-changing, wait correct that, life-shattering. Everything I thought I ever knew about life, plus my desires, needs and values all changed. My sense of self fell away like an old overcoat. We feel safe in the knowledge that life is as it is, as we perceive it, but when our perceptions shift, life changes. 

In Consciousness Rising, I break down the awakening process and explore the triggers for awakening. I ask, what is spiritual awakening? Why does it happen? What are we awakening to and from? Then I take you on a journey through the stages of awakening, involving for many people, moving from darker phases towards happier present moments. I address what it's like to find yourself out of alignment with your friends, family and partner. Then I move onto the reconstruction stages of awakening with an array of deep spiritual concepts, ones that help us to rebuild our sense of self, diving deep into our subconscious to discover extrasensory abilities, past lives, inner work and much more. 

I've peppered Consciousness Rising with synchronous and paranormal stories not only from my own life but those of others, and I've provided step by step frameworks for profound practices to assist you on your spiritual journey and personal development such as exercises and self-guided meditations. It is my hope that this book will help to guide you through spiritual awakening and beyond onto a divine and profound spiritual path.

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