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This Course Has Been Retired

Enrolled students can access the course by logging in via your confirmation email or here 

Inner work for ascension, becoming your true self course

​Online & Interactive, With Lifetime Access!

- Would you like to discover and develop your 'true self' for ascension?
- Reduce negative emotions, unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs?
- Maybe you'd like to take the 'next step' on your spiritual path?
- How about obtaining practical tools to generate more love and joy in your life?

I'm incredibly excited to bring you this 'Inner Work For Ascension: Discovering Your True Self' course. It's designed to improve your relationship with yourself and reality, and to provide gentle, constructive healing to transform your perceptions of life for the better. All of which contribute to ascension. Learn in an online interactive environment, where I provide you with step by step classes (presented myself), exercises, tools and meditations. There's a discussion forum for support with each class too.

Nicky Sutton

Learn with Nicky Sutton, BA(Hons), DHP Acc.Hyp, Adv.DPLT, meditation guide, author, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist.  


Ascension is becoming your 'True Self', discovering the real you, highly capable of manifesting anything. Take control of reality and realize the infinite being you are!


Connect with your higher self to become your 'True Self'. You are removing all illusions about your true nature and reality around you. Learn to follow your truth!


Perform quality ascension-based inner work; heal negative emotions & unhelpful thoughts. Create abundance and light in your life. Feel more love and joy every day!

Packed With Awesome Content

- Classes include: What The True Self Is, What The True Self Is Not, Healing Unhelpful Thoughts, Healing Limiting Beliefs and more.
- Guided Meditations Include: Balancing The Chakras, Experiencing The True Self and more.
- Exercises Include: Total Self Acceptance Healing, How To Not Get Triggered, Taming Thoughts Mindfulness & More.


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Entire Course:
Or 2 months at $24

Incredible Value

Yes, the price seems low but I want this course to be accessible to everyone. Have confidence that you're receiving plenty of quality, mind-expanding, life-enriching materials. 
Learn and experience online at your own pace, with lifetime access to tools specifically tailored to empower you on your spiritual journey.
Click 'Enrol' to read the full course curriculum, watch the intro video and enrol.
I look forward to being of service to you. Much love.

Once enrolled your course is accessible via your confirmation email and here 


"I loved taking this course! This course is laid out in a step-by-step method and provides the structure to trace back our negative emotions to negative core beliefs and make them dissolve. Nicky is an amazing spiritual coach and thanks to this course I have come closer to my authentic self. The exercises in this course as well as the pleasant and inspiring meditations have been very helpful. Moreover, Nicky is so pure, loving and peaceful that it felt like she was talking directly to me! Thanks again Nicky for the wonderful course and for helping so many people around the world. Needless to say, I can recommend this course to everyone!"
​- Erica, Mexico

"The Teacher comes when the student is ready... So was pretty much with this course. I'm on my spiritual journey as everyone other from us is and I think I feel a strong connection with My Higher or True Self. This course surprised me, because I learned something about me that I didn't know it was there. First, I thought I had only one limiting belief and it is about my appearance. But then I wrote the first and the second and the third -  and I saw I had three full pages written and it's still not all of it. 
The second helpful thing was the Acceptance of the Inner Critic. There was an idea in this course that made me see something so obvious and so eyeopening: It is the part when it says "I can work on it if I want". It is so true! I could change so many things about me, if I only decide to work on them! So at the end, there were two things I've made decision about: I will work on my body and my appearance AND I stop being afraid to go forward with the development of my Clairs."
​​- Darja

"Nicky has a talent for guided meditations, and her videos are always very calming and provide solutions to the world. Her course on inner work for ascension came to me at the right moment because through her meditations, I was able to heal some childhood trauma on something I've always struggled with. I've also felt so much more aligned with myself and open to listen more to my inner guidance. Thank you Nicky for providing this service to the world. If everyone listened to and did the exercises in this course, the world would definitely be a much better place. Much love to everyone who reads this". 
- Anna C., Houston, TX

"This excellent course clearly guides us through a way to becoming far more aware of who we truly are.... It gives full revealing information covering many aspects of our daily habitual responses. Nicky points out that these are indeed malleable, so can be visited and changed.
The effective guided meditations bring a definite shift to even our unconscious thoughts and reactions, which when processed peel and clear away, allowing us to move on. The True Self is beyond all the illusions of this lifetime and is simply waiting for the accumulated layers of perception to be dissolved. I love that this course can take as long or short a time as is needed and can be revisited freely to continue to work through issues as they come up to be cleared. I feel quite different.....calmer and more centred generally. Thank you Nicky".
- Christine Taylor, North Wales, UK

"By working through this course I have learned how to let go of some hurtful things in my past and begin healing from the trauma those things have caused, and also how to accept myself the way that I am. I am an imperfect work in progress and I am okay with that. I still have a lot of work to do so I will be doing these exercises and meditations over and over again to get the most out of them that I can. Thank you for creating this course and allowing me to benefit from it".
- Kim Spillers, Louisiana, United States.

"I found the course helped me to dig deep down to old wounds and heal them. It also gave me a different perspective on myself and on the way I have looked at others in the past. Nicky is very informative and the videos included in the course are brilliant. If you went for a session with a practitioner you would pay more for half an hour than you would for the whole of this course".
- John Abbotts, Redditch, UK

"... having this beautiful and gentle framework to use to explore and create a balanced inner space has been an invaluable resource during what was an abrupt, unexpected and frankly terrifying spiritual awakening. Many great points made and visualizations explained have helped me to understand the experience of emotion created in our human forms. I'm not sure where I would be if I hadn't have taken this course. 
Such authenticity and care combined with deep and well founded knowledge of the principles that govern our universe is an unmistakably powerful recipe for the success of inner work and I would like to express the highest of gratitude towards you and all your brilliant work Nicky".
- Alex Pepper, Australia/UK.

"This course was extremely powerful for me! It has helped me to come to terms with a lot of limiting beliefs I’ve had.  I mostly learned how powerful my perception is about my life and the people around me. I realize that I am everyone and everything I’m experiencing because I form an idea and impression about the world from my inner self. Therefore, focusing on love for aspects of self has helped me to look at others with love and patience. Your meditations are extremely calming and effective. I had a lot of intense visuals and realizations through ought the course! I feel confident and rested and ready to move forward in this beautiful ascension! ❤️ Thank you so much for providing this course for us!"
- Rezin Shelton, USA.

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