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Intuitive & Psychic Development Course


This Course Has Been Retired

Enrolled students can access the course by logging in via your confirmation email or here 

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​Online & Interactive, With Lifetime Access!

- Would you like to be able to trust your intuition?
- To psychically sense the thoughts, feelings and intentions of others?
- To be aware of the future and make great decisions?
- Learn the 'Clairs', sense energies, and protect yourself from negative energies?
​- This course covers this and so much more.

I'm thrilled to bring you this course!  It's specially designed to reveal and attune your psychic and intuitive senses so that you can use them in everyday life. 

These natural senses are part of each of us, they are rightfully yours, yet we're never taught to nurture and focus them (quite the opposite in fact). We all have these abilities, and they're instrumental in creating a heart-led, awakened and inspired future. You can thrive and create abundance! In addition, this course is an excellent foundation for building a psychic or mediumship client practice if that is your desire. Learn in an online interactive environment, where I provide you with step by step classes (presented myself), exercises, tools and meditations. There's a discussion forum for support with each class too.

Nicky Sutton Intuitive & Psychic Development Course

Learn with Nicky Sutton, BA(Hons), DHP Acc.Hyp, Adv.DPLT, meditation guide, author, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist. 


Discover abilities laying dormant within your psyche, rediscover skills that your soul already knows and uses. It's time to discover your innate abilities!


Connect with benevolent beings here to assist you, such as your spirit guides and higher self. Learn how to connect with divine spirit!


Obtain lifetime access to methods and materials that can transform the way you view reality and yourself as an infinite, immortal being!

Packed With Awesome Content

​- Classes include: Using Intuition, Developing Psychic Senses (The Clairs), Best Approaches & State Of Mind, Precognition, The Pendulum, Reading Energies, Protection, Intuiting Synchronicities, and more.
- Exercises include: Psychic Practice, Predicting, Connecting With Your Guides, Intuiting Your Path, Automatic Writing Channeling, Feeling Into Thoughts, and more.
- Guided Meditations include: Remote Viewing, Connecting With Your Higher Self and Raising Your Vibration

(For Effective Psychic Connection). And Much More.

Check Mark

Infinite Value

Yes, the price seems low but I want this course to be accessible to everyone. Have confidence that you're receiving plenty of quality, mind-expanding, life-enriching materials. 
Learn and experience online at your own pace, with lifetime access to tools specifically tailored to empower you on your spiritual journey.
Click 'Enrol' to read the full course curriculum, watch the intro video and enrol.
I look forward to being of service to you. Much love.

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Entire Course:
Or 2 months at $29

Once enrolled your course is accessible via your confirmation email and here 


"This course is an extremely valuable tool for anyone who wishes to advance their own abilities, or to better understand the psychic, medium, or spiritualist in their life. This is a journey that is unique to each of us, but there is much that we can learn from those who are traveling the path ahead of us. I'm a developing medium, working with a mentor, but there were many things, (techniques) that I learned in this course that I had never had exposure to. Nicky, my hat is off to you, you have taken many complicated teachings, and explained them perfectly. Thank you for everything your doing".
- Michael Marsh 

“Today I thank Nicky for her spiritual wonderful guidance, for her magnificent gift of sharing knowledge, for her ability to complete, thorough and clear explaining, and for her kindness that transcends her words and the screen of my laptop. I thank her for being a true spiritual guide, answering almost like through telepathy to my specific questions. Her guided meditation is deep and full of meaning and symbols. This is more than a course, it is a connection.”
- Irina, Romania.

"I loved this course.  I appreciate you making accommodations for those of us with Aphantasia. It used to bother me very much that I had this, especially when doing guided meditations, but you made me feel very included.  It was also reassuring to know that intuitive work is still possible for me!
I learned a lot from this course.  You explain the material very well.  I appreciate all you do! It did take me some time to get through this course, but that was just because I had a very busy few months, and could not seem to get back to it.  I am glad I finally had time to finish. Thank you!"
- Monica Beers.

"I've gained a greater understanding on trusting my innate abilities, not only through this course, but all works that Nicky has compiled and shared via Patreon and YT.  Nicky has been a light for many myself included and has shown the way through the dark. The works have always resonated with my own understandings and knowledge and given me that extra bit of confidence in my clairs and what they receive is real and not just coincidental or imagined. Thank you again for your continued support and for reaching out to us all.  Love light and blessings to you xxx"
-  Aaron Batchelor

"This course has helped me decipher all the different things that have been happening to me, and put names to things that I have been doing for years😁 and not even realizing my gifts in their entirety! And the guided meditations are so incredibly helpful. Thank you Nikki Sutton."

- Meena Marcellais

"This course helped me so much to confirm what I hoped to be true which is that life doesn’t end when our physical bodies are tired and die. That we are part of something so great and so much larger than we could even imagine and that our existence is infinite.  That everybody I love who has passed away and gone physically aren’t really gone and much closer than I imagined.  And that I can access knowledge from my higher self and my guides with meditation and lots of practice".

- Elisha Goulet, Massachusetts.

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