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Track length: 33 mins 33 secs. 

MP3 Download. 


Gain motivation and energy, subliminals with 963Hz high vibe energizing God frequency. LISTEN FOR 7 DAYS. Subliminal affirmations, the complete package for programming your subconscious mind for motivation and energy. Meditate and visualize your goals or just listen to the music.


🔮 Subliminals in this video:

-I am motivated to create a wonderful life.

- My efforts are worthwhile.

- I make a positive impact on the world.

- I can create my life as I choose.

- I am brimming with creative energy.

- My energy levels are rising.

- My confidence is growing.

- I can find fulfilment.

- I am more than enough.

- I deserve abundance and joy.

- As soon as I awaken in the morning, my energy levels are high.

- I am building trust in myself and my capabilities.

- Fulfilment is very possible.

- I am highly capable.

- I have talents, and I'm open to discovering new ones.

- I forgive those who have held me back in the past.

- Every day is a new opportunity for learning and growth.

- I can focus and concentrate easily.

- I am motivated to follow my heart.

- My enthusiasm for life shines through in everything I do.

- I am worthy of an abundant life.


🔉 All my subliminals are performed with my relaxing and empowering (female) voice. ✔️ I am a qualified hypnotherapist and past-life therapist. All my subliminal affirmations are carefully constructed only in the positive. 🎧 Listen with or without headphones. ⭐ Subliminal affirmations are played at a volume just below perceptual range. Your subconscious mind hears the affirmations and begins to accept the positive beliefs conveyed. Subliminals bypass the filter of the doubting or pessimistic conscious mind and are accepted in their pure form into the subconscious mind. This creates positive beliefs for personal development, powerful manifesting and truly enhancing our life.

Thank you so much for purchasing. Your MP3 download link will be available after payment on your Thank You page. The download link will also appear in your confirmation email. Please check your 'spam' folder if you experience a delay. If technical assistance is required after purchase, please use the 'about' page to make contact. Enjoy your meditation, lots of love! 

© Nicky Sutton. For personal use only, distribution of this MP3 is prohibited. Disclaimer: This MP3 and its contents are for entertainment purposes only, and must never be considered a substitute for advice provided by a qualified health care professional. The creator of this audio, shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage incurred, caused either directly or indirectly, from the use of this MP3 and its contents. If you suffer from any kind of mental health condition please seek advice from your health care professional as to the suitability of 'guided meditation' and 'hypnosis' for you before use. Purchasing constitutes your acceptance of this. Thank you.

Gain Motivation & Energy SUBLIMINALS

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