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Track length: 2 hours. 

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Subliminal Affirmations for cutting the cords. Consider cutting energetic cords of attachment from someone if you feel your relationship is unhealthy or toxic or if you simply feel it's time to let them go. Cut cords to lessen or release their emotional influence over you. Remove energetic cords of attachment and feel free of their influence. Calm your emotions about them and let them go. For best results, listen as often as you like. Lots of love, Nicky x



  1. I release all energetic cords that no longer serve my highest good.
  2. I am free of the emotional hold of others.
  3. I let go of any attachments that would be beneficial for me to release.
  4. My energy is my own, and I reclaim it fully.
  5. I am at peace with letting go of my past relationships if I need to.
  6. I am emotionally free and stronger each day.
  7. I forgive myself and others, releasing all unbeneficial ties.
  8. I am surrounded by positive, healing energy.
  9. Whatever they do, I rise above it, and I continue to feel happy, balanced and free.
  10. I let go of the past and embrace my bright future.
  11. I take care of my own emotions and energy.
  12. If I need to create space and distance from them, I do so.
  13. I cut all unwanted energetic cords with love and gratitude.
  14. I release any unpleasant attachments with ease.
  15. I am fully able to leave them in the past and forget about them if I need to.
  16. I learn from the experiences but now I am doing what’s best for me.
  17. I am cutting the energetic cords from this person.
  18. My heart is open to new, healthy connections.
  19. I am uninfluenced by the actions of others, rising above it, feeling happy and free.
  20. I am free from the influence of others’ unwanted energy.
  21. I let go of any emotional challenges with this person and embrace peace.
  22. I reclaim my power and energy from all sources.
  23. I am whole, complete, and emotionally free.
  24. I release any emotional hold they ever had over me, I am now unaffected by their words and actions.
  25. I maintain clear and strong boundaries.
  26. I release all unbeneficial thoughts and emotions tied to others.
  27. My energy is clear, pure, and belongs to me.
  28. I am strong, resilient, and independent.
  29. I release any past experiences that were beneficial to me and embrace healing.
  30. I am free from any unneeded energetic attachments to my past.
  31. I am at peace with myself and my past relationships.
  32. I release the past and move forward with ease.
  33. My energy is vibrant, positive, and protected.
  34. I let go of all unwanted or unbeneficial influences in my life.
  35. I am emotionally balanced and calm.
  36. I only have those who show me kindness, love and respect me in my life.
  37. I cut all cords of attachment that are unwanted or unneeded and feel lighter and freer.
  38. I am free from any emotional influence of others.
  39. I let go of unhelpful emotional ties and reclaim my happiness.
  40. I am surrounded by healing and protective energy.
  41. I release all attachments that no longer serve my highest good.
  42. I am emotionally free and open to new possibilities.
  43. I let go of anything unhelpful to my personal growth and embrace positivity.
  44. My energy is my own, and I protect it with good boundaries.
  45. I am free from the emotional hold of the past.
  46. I release unwanted attachments and feel emotionally liberated.
  47. I am strong, empowered, and free from all unwanted energetic cords.


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SUBLIMINAL Affirmations to Cut The Cords

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