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Track length: 2 hours. 

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Subliminal affirmations to enhance your psychic abilites. Program your subconscious mind with new positive beliefs about about your psychic senses using powerful subliminals. Unlock your psychic abilities through subconscious programming. Remove all doubt and believe. Listen to these subliminal affirmations while awake or sleeping and do so as often as you like. Lots of love, Nicky x


🔮 Subliminals in this audio:

1. My psychic senses are sharp, clear, and accurate.

2. I am open and receptive to the psychic abilities within me.

3. My intuition is a powerful and trustworthy guide in my life.

4. I trust the messages that come to me from my higher self and the universe.

5. Psychic awareness is a natural part of who I am, and I embrace it fully.

6. I am attuned to the energy around me and I can sense subtle vibrations.

7. I can tune in with my psychic abilities when I choose to and close when it’s time for rest.

8. My aura is a shield of pure, positive energy that repels any negativity.

9. I am connected to the universal energy that flows through all things.

10. I am surrounded by a protective shield of white light.

11. I my welcome my psychic abilities with love.

12. I have the ability to become highly skilled at any form of divination I choose.

13. I am in tune with the energies around me, allowing me to perceive subtle information.

14. I have great potential to help others using my psychic skills.

15. My psychic senses are growing stronger every day.

16. My intuition is a powerful and reliable guide in my decision-making.

17. I am connected to the universal consciousness, accessing knowledge beyond the physical realm.

18. I am grateful for the development of my psychic gifts and the positive impact they have on my life.

19. My third eye is opening.

20. I can perceive the most useful knowledge and information at the right time.

21. My psychic abilities are a natural, integral part of who I am.

22. I trust the visions and insights that come to me during meditation.

23. I am in tune with the rhythms of the universe, and I easily receive intuitive information.

24. I trust the inner wisdom that guides me in all aspects of my life.

25. I am psychic and I’m focusing on attuning my abilities more and more each day.

26. I can read others when I choose to.

27. I respect the boundaries of others while using my abilities to connect with them on a psychic level.

28. I am a channel for divine wisdom, and it flows through me effortlessly.

29. I am in control of my energetic space, allowing only positive vibrations to enter.

30. I am surrounded by positive energy that supports the development of my psychic abilities.

31. I embrace the diversity of my psychic gifts, knowing that each speciality contributes to my overall intuitive wisdom.

32. Visions of the future come to me with clarity and precision.

33. I call upon the angels and guides to surround me with their protective energy.

34. When using my psychic senses, I release any energy that is not mine and only allow in what serves my highest good. 35. I can perceive the future.

36. My mediumship abilities are flourishing, allowing me to connect with spirit if I choose to.

37. I am aware of subtle messages from my higher self and trust them implicitly.

38. My psychic abilities are expanding and growing stronger every day.

39. I trust my intuition to guide me in understanding the unfolding events in my life.

40. I am aligned with my higher purpose, and my intuition leads me toward it.

41. I release any blocks that hinder the free flow of my psychic abilities.

42. I am grounded and connected to the Earth, creating a strong foundation for energetic protection.

43. The history and energy of objects reveal themselves to me easily and clearly through psychometry.

44. I am attuned to the natural flow of time, and I can perceive glimpses of the future.

45. I have a psychic connection to the akashic records and the vast array of wisdom contained within.

46. I am grounded, centered, and open to reading the unseen energies around me.

47. I trust the in process of developing my psychic gifts.

48. I am a versatile and skilled psychic, capable of tuning into different frequencies of information.

49. I am grateful for the psychic insights that enhance the quality of my life.

50. I am a seer.

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SUBLIMINAL Affirmations to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

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