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Track length: 3 hours. 

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Subliminal affirmations to invoke divine guidance. Unlock the power of your subconscious to invoke the divine guidance that you seek, from angels, spirit guides or your higher self. Feel more connected to higher beings and improve your ability to seamlessly receive wisdom, guidance and foresight intuitively. Lots of love, Nicky x


🔮 Subliminals in this audio:

My heart is open to receiving divine wisdom and guidance.
2. I am a vessel for divine inspiration and intuition.
3. The answers I seek are revealed to me through divine guidance.
4. I allow divine guidance to flow through me effortlessly.
5. I am attuned to the subtle whispers of divine intuition.
6. I am deeply connected to my higher self, who guides me with wisdom and clarity
7. I follow the signs and synchronicities that lead me towards my purpose.
8. I am guided by the light of divine wisdom shining within me.
9. Divine guidance surrounds me, protecting and directing my path.
10. I trust in the divine plan unfolding in my life.
11. I am surrounded by the loving presence of angels, who guide and protect me with their divine wisdom.
12. I trust that the universe is guiding me towards my highest good.
13. I trust in the wisdom of my higher self to lead me towards my highest path and purpose.
14. I welcome the presence of my spirit guides into my life, trusting that they will lead me to greater wisdom and understanding.
15. I am open to receiving clear messages and signs from the universe.
16. My intuition is a powerful tool for receiving knowledge and wisdom.
17. I am open to receiving angelic messages and signs, knowing that they offer guidance and comfort in times of need.
18. I am a co-creator with the universe, guided by divine wisdom.
19. I trust that everything is unfolding according to divine timing.
20. I am supported by the loving presence of those who guide me in spirit.
21. I am grateful for the blessings of divine wisdom and foresight in my life.
22. I am open and receptive to the guidance of my higher self, knowing that it always leads me towards happiness and fulfilment.
23. I am guided to make choices that align with my soul's purpose.
24. I trust my inner knowing to lead me in the right direction.
25. My spirit guides are guiding me towards my highest good, offering support and protection every step of the way.
26. I am surrounded by angels and spirit guides who lovingly support me.
27. I am a beacon of light, attracting divine guidance into my life.
28. I release any blockers to my ability to receive psychically, allowing my intuitive senses to sharpen and expand.
29. I am worthy of receiving guidance from the highest beings.
30. I trust in the angels to illuminate my path and lead me towards joy, love, and abundance.
31. I am receptive to the subtle nudges of divine inspiration.
32. I align my thoughts and actions with the guidance of my higher self, allowing their wisdom to flow through me effortlessly.
33. I follow the guidance of my heart, knowing it leads me along my best path.

34. I trust that the universe has a plan for me, and I am guided every step of the way.

35. I am open to receiving downloads of insight and knowledge.

36. I invite angels into my life to assist me in all matters, knowing that they bring blessings and guidance.

37. I am a conduit for divine wisdom to flow through me and guide my actions.

38. I trust in the process of divine unfoldment, knowing that all is well.

39. I am grateful for the guidance and wisdom of my spirit guides, knowing that they are leading me towards my best life.

40. I am guided by the loving presence of divine beings who surround me.

41. I am aligned with my soul's purpose, following the guidance of my inner compass.

42. Angels of light, I welcome your presence and your support as I navigate life's journey with grace and ease.

43. I trust that the universe always provides me with exactly what I need.

44. I am open to receiving divine signs and symbols that confirm I am on the right path.

45. I am guided by the power of divine love, which leads me to my highest good.

46. I am grateful for the gift of intuitive guidance, which lights my way and fills my heart with love and peace.

47. I am one with my higher self, and together, we navigate life's journey with grace and intuition.

48. I trust in my psychic abilities to tune into the subtle messages and insights from the divine, guiding me with care and precision.

49. I am connected to the infinite wisdom of my higher self.

50. I am open and receptive to the love, support and guidance of my spirit guides, who are always by my side.

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SUBLIMINAL Affirmations to Invoke Divine Guidance

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