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Track length: 2 hours. 

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Subliminal affirmations to manifest health fast, excellent health. Program your subconscious mind with new positive beliefs about health, physical, mental & emotional, using powerful subliminals. Listen to these subliminal affirmations while awake or sleeping and do so as often as you like. 


🔮 Subliminals in this audio:


  1. I send love and healing energy to every part of my body, promoting its well-being.
  2. My cells are a harmonious symphony of light and energy, working together to maintain my perfect health
  3. Every day, I am becoming healthier, stronger, and more aligned with the healing energy of the universe."
  4. I believe in my excellent health and productive healing journey.
  5. Every breath I take fills me with life and healing energy.
  6. I am a vessel of healing energy, and I allow it to flow through every cell of my body, restoring health and vitality.
  7. My joints are flexible, and they move with ease and comfort.
  8. Exercise is a joyful part of my daily routine, and it strengthens my body and mind.
  9. I am in control of my health, and I make choices that support my well-being.
  10. My mind is a sanctuary of tranquillity and clarity, where I find balance and strength.
  11. I trust the wisdom of my body to guide me towards better health every day.
  12. I choose thoughts that nurture my well-being.
  13. I trust in the innate wisdom of my body and mind to guide me toward complete healing and wellness.
  14. I am resilient, and I bounce back quickly from any challenges that come my way.
  15. I trust in the wisdom of my intuition to guide me towards emotional balance.
  16. My back muscles are strong, flexible, and free from tension.
  17. My heart is strong, and it beats with a steady rhythm of love and vitality.
  18. My body responds positively to my loving thoughts and intentions for healing.
  19. I radiate health, and it positively influences those around me.
  20. I am grateful for the healing energy that surrounds me.
  21. My bones and joints are healthy and mobile.
  22. I release all unhelpful thoughts and unpleasant emotions, allowing space for joy and serenity.
  23. I am calm and centred, even in the face of life's challenges.
  24. I am in tune with the healing frequencies of the universe, and they guide my body to its natural state of wellness.
  25. I am worthy of complete healing, and I welcome the transformative power of healing energy into my life
  26. I am a beacon of vibrant health, and I attract health and healing effortlessly.
  27. I am a magnet for positive and healing energy, which continuously rejuvenates my body and mind.
  28. My body has the incredible capacity to heal itself, and I trust in its natural ability to do so.
  29. I am a vessel of divine energy, and I allow this universal life force to flow through every cell of my being, healing and renewing me.
  30. I breathe deeply and freely, nourishing my body with oxygen and vitality.
  31. Every day, my muscles become stronger, my bones more resilient, and my blood healthier.
  32. I am in perfect harmony with my body, working towards optimal health.
  33. I am a magnet for healing energy, which continuously rejuvenates my mind and body.
  34. Every cell in my body radiates vibrant health and vitality.
  35. I nourish my body with wholesome, nutritious foods that promote health and vitality.
  36. My digestive system functions smoothly, and I absorb the nutrients I need with ease
  37. I nurture my heart with loving care, and it responds with perfect health.
  38. I listen to my body's needs and provide it with the care it deserves through balanced meals and regular physical activity.
  39. I prioritize self-care and make time for activities that nourish my soul.
  40. I release any negative or unneeded energy from within me, making room for the healing energy to take its place
  41. I am deserving of good health, and I welcome it into my life with open arms.
  42. I am worthy of all the good things that life has to offer, and I deserve happiness and well-being.
  43. I enjoy the process of making healthy choices, as they empower me to live a vibrant and energetic life..
  44. I release stress and respond to circumstances around me with calm ease.
  45. With each breath, I inhale healing energy, and with each exhale, I release any tension or discomfort.
  46. I am committed to my well-being, and I make choices that support my health through mindful eating and consistent exercise
  47. My body and mind are in sync, and I am brimming with self-love.
  48. Each day, my mind becomes healthier and more resilient, leading me toward lasting mental well-being
  49. I am free from illness and disease, and I am grateful for my vibrant health.
  50. My heart is the center of my well-being, and I am grateful for its infinite strength


⭐ Subliminal affirmations are played at a volume just below perceptual range. Your subconscious mind hears the affirmations and begins to accept the positive beliefs conveyed. Subliminals bypass the filter of the doubting or pessimistic conscious mind and are accepted in their pure form into the subconscious mind. 

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© Nicky Sutton. For personal use only, distribution of this MP3 is prohibited. Disclaimer: This MP3 and its contents are for entertainment purposes only, and must never be considered a substitute for advice provided by a qualified health care professional. The creator of this audio, shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage incurred, caused either directly or indirectly, from the use of this MP3 and its contents. If you suffer from any kind of mental health condition please seek advice from your health care professional as to the suitability of 'guided meditation' and 'hypnosis' for you before use. Purchasing constitutes your acceptance of this. Thank you.

SUBLIMINAL Affirmations to Manifest Health

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