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Track length: 2 hours. 

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Subliminal Affirmations to open your third eye. Listen to these subliminal affirmations while awake or sleeping. Listen as often as you like to open your third eye fast. Lots of love, Nicky x


🔮 Subliminals in this audio:


1.    My third eye is my gateway to higher wisdom and understanding.
2.    I trust the intuitive guidance that flows through me, received by third eye.
3.    My third eye is open and free-flowing, revealing hidden truths to me.
4.    I am attuned to the subtle energies that my third eye receives.
5.    In stillness, I awaken the power of my third eye, and I see beyond the physical.
6.    My third eye receives insights and wisdom I can trust and embrace.
7.    I am grounded and protected, allowing the intuitive insights received by my third eye to serve my highest good.
8.    My intuition is a clear and vivid.
9.    My pineal gland, the physical manifestation of my third eye, is cleansing, clearing and activating.
10.    I receive subtle energies which flow through my third eye, enhancing my psychic perception
11.    I release fear and welcome the light of wisdom through my third eye.
12.    I invoke a shield of love and light to safeguard me whenever I use my third eye.
13.    My third eye is open and radiant through regular meditation.
14.    I release all energetic blockages, allowing my pineal gland to cleanse and purify.
15.    I am in tune with the universal energies that enhance my psychic visions.
16.    With each breath, I expand my awareness.
17.    I can receive using my third eye when I choose, and I can close when it's time to rest.
18.    I can receive wisdom and guidance from spirit, and my third eye is my clear and free-flowing receiver.
19.    The wisdom and knowing I receive using my third eye guide me on my path of spiritual growth.
20.    Through focused intention and love, I activate and cleanse my pineal gland. This aligns with my spiritual path.
21.    My third eye connects me to the love and the light of all that is.
22.    My third eye helps me to perceive subtle energies, hidden truths, and profound knowledge.
23.    My third eye is a beacon of insight, leading me to greater understanding.
24.    I welcome the clarity and vision that my third eye brings.
25.    I am in harmony with the vibrations that activate and cleanse my pineal gland.
26.    I receive and perceive messages from divine beings, my spirit guides, higher elf and angels using my third eye.
27.    I see clearly using my third eye, that which is beyond the viel.
28.    My third eye is opening now.
29.    My third eye connects me to higher realms.
30.    My third eye is a receiver of positive wisdom and knowledge, I invite only benevolent beings to communicate with me.
31.    My third eye is my gateway to intelligent infinity.
32.    My pineal gland is a gateway to spiritual insight, and I cleanse it with my pure intention.
33.    I embrace the intuitive insights and visions that unfold as my third eye opens.
34.    As I honor my inner vision, my third eye becomes a source of guidance.
35.    I trust the journey of self-discovery that unfolds through using my third eye.
36.    My third eye is a tool for inner knowing, assisting me on my spiritual path.
37.    I release doubt and embrace the power of third eye.
38.    Through meditation, my third eye is open to the infinite possibilities of the universe.
39.    In stillness, I connect with my inner knowing, strengthening my intuitive abilities.
40.    I am a vessel for divine wisdom, channeled through my open third eye.
41.    The light of my awareness shines brightly.
42.    I release toxins from my body and mind, promoting the cleansing of my pineal gland.
43.    My third eye is a sacred energy center, unlocking the mysteries of existence.
44.    I welcome the flow of my intuition, which is effortless thanks to my open and radiant third eye.
45.    I am receptive to the cosmic knowledge that flows through my third eye.
46.    My third eye is a source of profound insight and inner guidance.
47.    My consciousness is expanding.
48.    As I attune to universal energies, my psychic abilities sharpen and expand through the use of my third eye.
49.    I nourish my body with foods that support the health and activation of my pineal gland.
50.    I am grateful for my third eye seeing and knowing.​​​​​​​

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SUBLIMINAL Affirmations to Open Your Third Eye

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