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Abundance & Prosperity Subliminal Affirmations 8hrs for SLEEP with 888Hz Frequency

Abundance and prosperity subliminal affirmations with 888Hz frequency for manifesting abundance while you sleep. Subliminal affirmations with 888hz frequency tone are the complete package for programming your subconscious mind for manifesting abundance into your life. Listen for 7 days.

Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity

  • I attract abundance like a magnet into my life.

  • I feel completely free to live my life with infinite resources.

  • Wealth is my friend. Wealth loves me.

  • I am wealthy.

  • I deserve everything I need to live life to the full.

  • I manifest abundance easily.

  • Abundance flows to me effortlessly.

  • I feel the joy of having so much abundance in my life.

  • The universe takes care of all my needs.

  • I love what I do in life, and the energy I put in multiplies infinitely.

  • I have an abundance of loving friendships and people who love me.

  • I have so much abundance in my life that there's plenty to share with others.

  • I trust the universe to provide me with abundance.

  • I am prosperous.

  • I have gratitude for all that I have, and in this vibration, I manifest more to be grateful for.

  • Good times are mine to enjoy.

  • I release all resistance to money, and I see it flowing into my life.

  • Abundance is a way of life for me.

  • My efforts are worthwhile.

  • The universe is abundant.

  • I am attracting wealth and abundance.

  • I am grateful for all that I have and will receive.

  • My actions manifest abundance.

  • Opportunities come my way frequently.

  • When I need something, I always have the resources to get it.

  • My life is fulfilling, enjoyable and fun,

  • I feel worthy and deserving.

  • I experience abundance in many positive ways.

  • I attract wealth and prosperity naturally.

  • Love is everywhere in my life.

  • If I need money, I have it.

  • I can create anything I desire.

  • I am attracting wealth at this very moment.


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