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Manifest Miracles: Affirmations for Sleep. Sleep Meditation.

Manifest miracles sleep meditation, Manifest while you sleep with powerful subconscious programming through positive affirmations. Anything positive is possible, miracles are possible, so erase 'impossible' from your vocabulary. Change your beliefs to expect miracles so that you can manifest your dreams and desires into your life. Unlock the power of miracles and enjoy a restful, replenishing sleep.

Manifest Miracles: Affirmations

  • I am manifesting miracles into my life now.

  • I bring anything I desire into my life easily.

  • Miracles are possible.

  • I create my life as I choose.

  • I am a skilled manifester.

  • I believe in my talents and I trust my abilities.

  • I am very worthy of an abundant life, filled with love.

  • My powerful energy manifests miracles.

  • Miracles are easy to achieve.

  • I am open to everything going extremely well.

  • I am the universe and I can attract anything I desire in the universe to me.

  • My life is filled with abundance.

  • Miracles are mine to create.

  • Thank you for miracles.

  • The energy of miracles is available to me all the time.

  • I welcome wonderful surprises.

  • I am so grateful and blessed.

  • I expect miracles.

  • I have an abundance of wealth, prosperity, good friends, enjoyable pastimes, rewarding work, good times and anything else I choose to manifest.

  • Miracles do happen to me.

  • Wonderful miracles are happening to me now.

  • The universe loves me and takes care of me.

  • Anything positive is possible.

  • Miracles happen in my life all the time.

  • I easily overcome challenges and my possibilities are endless.

  • I believe in miracles.

  • I believe that anything is possible; the possibilities are unlimited.

  • I am in alignment with my highest joy.

  • I am worthy of miracles happening in my life.

  • I am successful in everything I do.

  • Love is abundant in my life.

  • I am feeling wonderful about myself.

  • I live a miraculous life.

  • My heart is open to receive.

  • I am manifesting all that I desire.

  • There is infinite potential in my life

  • I experience an abundance of miracles.

  • My goals and dreams are coming true.

  • I am a magnet for wealth and prosperity.

  • I am confident in a bright, happy and fulfilling future.

  • Where I direct my positive energy, it grows and multiplies.

  • I have so much abundance that I have plenty to share with others.

  • I have confidence in my efforts and my actions, and I achieve results easily.

  • Miracles happen to me all the time, they are an everyday occurrence for me.

  • I have an abundance of motivation and energy and I use this to create anything I choose.

  • I have unlimited potential and the possibilities are endless.

  • When miracles enter my life, I say thank you, please more of that.

  • Everything is working out perfectly.

  • I am so deserving.

  • The good I do in the world radiates back to me as positive energy.

  • I dream big because I can.

  • Miracles flow into my life, it's happening right now.

  • I am an infinite creator in this reality. I create easily while following my joy and excitement.

  • I am more than enough, I am unique, talented, blessed and amazing.

  • My body is healthy and full of vibrant energy.

  • Miracles are all around me.

  • I am so grateful for the miracles in my life.

  • I vibrate in harmony with the love and the light of creation.

  • I am capable of doing anything I desire.

  • I ask the universe for a miracle and it happens.

  • I am a miracle.

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