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Self Love Guided Meditation

Cultivate self-love and acceptance with this relaxing, calming guided meditation. Build confidence and feel joyful. Have forgiveness for yourself if you need it, and raise your vibration. We love others more easily when we nurture self-love. Enjoy calming music and a gentle guiding voice, on a journey to feeling great about yourself. We use visualization within this guided meditation, as well as methods for communicating with and healing the subconscious mind. Sometimes, through life, we pick up beliefs about the self that are unhelpful when trying to cultivate self-love. We end up with low self-esteem, poor self-image, low confidence and more. This guided meditation is designed to help you address some of these limiting beliefs about the self, as well as providing you with high vibrational and inspirational reassurance about the infinite, energetic, wonderful being that you truly are.

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