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Send Energetic Protection To Someone, Guided Meditation.

Send energetic protection to someone no matter where they are. Form and create a bubble of protective golden/white light around someone you know. Send it to someone who needs protection from negative energies or psychic interference.

When I asked my YouTube subscribers what new meditations they'd like to see on my channel next, this was one of the top suggested topics! I find this absolutely wonderful because to me, this shows that many people dearly want to be of service to others. It's a perfect illustration of humanity's capacity for love, care and compassion.

One of my top meditations on YouTube is 'Send Healing Energy To Someone Guided Meditation'. Its success shows that many people are going out of their way to care for others in all sorts of ways. Many have commented on this meditation about how they felt it helped their loved one or friend recover from whatever ailment they were suffering from.

I do hope that this 'Send Energetic Protection Meditation' has a similar effect, in that listeners feel like they are doing something constructive and effective to help and protect their loved ones in times of need, especially if they're suffering from some sort of energetic onslaught. I hope you find it useful.

Lots of love!

Nicky x


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