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Subliminal Affirmations to Manifest Your Best Life

Subliminal Affirmations to manifest your best life. Manifest like a pro by programming your subconscious mind with new positive beliefs using powerful subliminals. Listen to these subliminal affirmations while awake or sleeping and manifest the life you desire. Lots of love, Nicky x


1. I am deserving of all the joy, love and abundance that life has to offer.

2. I am open to miracles happening in my life, anything is possible.

3. I am surrounded by love, I’m open to receive love and I radiate it freely.

4. I am the powerful creator of my reality.

5. I am aligning with my highest purpose and take positive action to achieve my goals.

6. I choose happiness and joy in every moment.

7. Abundance is entering my life in every way, every day.

8. Financial freedom is part of my life, and wealth finds me in new and unexpected ways.

9. The universe provides.

10. I am manifesting wonderful opportunities into my life every day.

11. I am open to wonderful miracles and unexpected surprises

12. My career, work or projects are becoming more and more rewarding and fruitful.

13. I am a magnet for financial prosperity, wealth flows into my life effortlessly.

14. I have so much gratitude for all the blessings in my life, and I am manifesting even more to be grateful for.

15. My life is abundant.

16. The most trustworthy, kind and supportive people enter my life at the right time.

17. I find joy in the present moment.

18. My confidence in growing, and I can communicate and express myself as I desire.

19. I attract loving, happy positive relationships to me.

20. I manifest all good things into my life with ease and joy.

21. I attract positive experiences and people into my life.

22. I am worthy of unlimited abundance and I welcome it with gratitude.

23. I am in perfect alignment with an abundant universe.

24. I am aligned with my positive purpose in life.

25. I am deserving of all the success and prosperity that comes my way.

26. I allow my creativity to flow and I bring my unique skills and abilities into the world.

27. I attract positive circumstances and experiences into my life.

28. I am healthy and thriving.

29. I am good at manifesting my best life.

30. I am open to receive gifts from the universe.

31. I take great care of myself as well as my loved ones.

32. I am deserving of deep and fulfilling love.

33. I believe in my manifesting capabilities.

34. I release anything unhelpful that may be holding me back and move forward with powerful new energies.

35. I effortlessly manifest my goals and dreams.

36. I trust in divine timing.

37. My happiness comes from within and it’s growing.

38. I release resistance to experiencing my best life.

39. I am a magnet for health, wealth, love and prosperity.

40. I expect good things to happen in my life.

41. I awaken in the morning with an abundance of motivation and energy.

42. My positive thoughts, beliefs and intentions shape my world.

43. I am present in this very moment.

44. My positive thoughts and emotions create my reality.

45. I am grateful for all that I have and all that I will receive.

46. Happiness is my natural state.

47. I nurture my well-being.

48. I believe in a wonderful life.

49. I overcome any challenges and obstacles with ease, feeling calm and relaxed.

50. Everything is working out well for me.


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