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Use Lucid Dreaming for Manifesting

Use lucid dreaming for effective manifesting, while you sleep. Stimulate lucid dreaming with carefully tailored sleep affirmations which also encourage your subconscious mind to use lucid dreaming as an effective manifesting tool.

Lucid dreaming is becoming aware that you are dreaming while you're dreaming; you can then take control of your dreams. By creating your dreams as you see fit, with everything you desire to manifest, you can create your optimal reality in the dream world. This sends the most powerful message out into the universe of the positive elements you're bringing into your life. This sleep meditation hypnosis brings lucid creating and manifesting (the law of attraction) together effectively for you to use effortlessly while you sleep.

Lucid Dreaming for Manifesting, Affirmations

  • I lucid dream easily.

  • I easily manifest while I'm lucid dreaming.

  • I became aware that I am dreaming while I'm dreaming.

  • I take control of my dreams and make positive things happen.

  • I recall my dreams in detail.

  • I create my dreams as I choose.

  • I become aware in my dreams.

  • Once I become aware in my dreams, I can make anything I desire happen.

  • I create my best life in my dreams.

  • The positive events and circumstances I create in my dreams, manifest into my life.

  • I am creating this dream as I see fit.

  • When I begin to lucid dream, I remember my intentions for manifesting.

  • I get a great night's sleep while I'm lucid dreaming.

  • I recognize a dream when I experience one and I can control it.

  • My lucid dreams are vivid and pleasant.

  • I became aware during my dreams.

  • I can make anything positive that I choose to happen in my dreams, happen.

  • I can bring any positive event, circumstance or experience into my lucid dream just by thinking about it.

  • I remember my dreams upon awakening.

  • My lucid dreams become manifest in my life.

  • My positive thoughts create a beautiful reality in my dreams.

  • I know that I am dreaming while I'm dreaming.

  • I am good at lucid dreaming.

  • I am manifesting my life filled with love. joy and abundance so easily.

  • I have beautiful dreams filled with love, happiness, fun and abundance.

  • The good things I create in my lucid dreams, happen in my life.

  • I recall my manifesting goals during my dreams and create this wonderful reality in my dream just by thinking about it.

  • The positive experiences I create in my dreams, I bring these into my daily life.

  • My ability to remember my dreams improves all the time.

  • I experience a very restful and replenishing sleep while I'm lucid dreaming, and I awaken fully refreshed and energized.

  • I control my dreams easily.

  • Thank you for all the wonderful things I manifest.

  • I am good at maintaining my conscious awareness while I am lucid dreaming and sleeping so soundly.

  • The universe brings my lucid dreaming life into my physical life.

  • My dreams are vivid and clear, they are filled with love, happiness and abundance, and I create them that way.

  • Lucid dreaming is a powerful manifesting tool for me.

  • My lucid dreaming manifestations transfer into my earthly life.

  • My positive thoughts create my reality while I'm lucid dreaming.

  • What I create while I'm dreaming manifests in my life.

  • My dreams are mine to create.

  • I am fully aware of what I'm doing and what I'm manifesting while I'm dreaming.

  • I am a pro at lucid dreaming.

  • While I'm lucid dreaming I can make anything happen that I choose, bring anyone into my dream that I wish, and experience my heart's desires.

  • My subconscious mind easily recognizes when I am dreaming and allows me to become instantly aware.

  • I recall my manifesting goals while I'm lucid dreaming and begin experiencing anything I choose, brought about by my will and intentions.


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