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7 Things You Agreed To Before You Were Born

Things You Agreed To Before You Were Born

It's likely you already realize that life is eternal and that this lifetime is one among many. Before we reincarnate, our soul usually makes a number of decisions about what this lifetime will hold, and agrees these with the beings who support us. Here are eight things you likely agreed to before you were born, and some reasons why you might have agreed to them.

To Be Here You agreed to embark on a new lifetime of learning and experience before you were born. You wouldn't be on Earth if you hadn't agreed to incarnate here. There are other third-density planets in the universe, but you chose to incarnate on Earth. Your soul was aware of what a human life would entail and accepted the challenge. Therefore, one thing's for sure, you agreed to be a human again (or for the first time), before you were even born. To Both The Positive And The Negative

There is a great spectrum of catalysts for experience here on earth, a planet rich in duality and polarity. On Earth, we experience both beauty and devastation, love and fear, peace and war and so on. This is a very attractive prospect for our soul because from the soul's point of view, it's all wonderful for learning and spiritual progression. In higher densities of existence, life is much more harmonious, having overcome the majority of hardships that we experience here in earthly life. Within such a perfect existence, there is less catalyst for experience, especially when it comes to the negative; for example, hardship, sadness and conflict, don't exist. Your soul was attracted to the prospect of this rich variation of catalyst and saw it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and ascend. From our human perspective, however, this may seem unfair, but from the point of view of the soul, it's an amazing opportunity to experience the entire spectrum of both the positive and the negative. Your Family And Friends You likely agreed to the major players in your life and who they would be. Some souls you know very well, and others you do not. We can often tell by that sense of familiarity we have around certain people that we've incarnated with them before, and this is because our soul remembers them. You may have agreed that a member of your soul group would be your sister in this lifetime, whereas in the last, they were your father. Switching and changing roles is useful for learning and experience. It's also possible that you agreed to meet your twin flame or soul mate in this lifetime, and enjoy high vibrational love energy together within this earthly reality. Be aware though, that even people who upset us or who are abusive in this lifetime, are likely to be souls that we have an arrangement with, although they may not be part of our soul group. These souls we wanted in our experience, to learn tough lessons from them. Again this seems desperately unfair, but it's all good catalyst for the soul, especially if we can learn to heal and move through these difficult experiences. Here is a popular book explaining some of the experiences we have, and decisions we make between lives: Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives. Your Achievements You probably agreed on some sort of 'life plan' before birth, certain things you'd like to achieve during your lifetime. This could be; to help as many beings as possible, protect the Earth, become a great healer, experience parenthood, raise the collective vibration, or it could even be comparatively insignificant achievements such as riding a bike or rowing a boat. On the more unpleasant side of things, your soul may also consider surviving a war, emotional abuse, mental illness, or even experiencing physical death. All great achievements from the soul's point of view.

You might wonder about extremely negatively oriented people, such as those seeking control over others, excessive power, or people with murderous tendencies. The soul may set down certain conditions in our lifetime causing us to develop such characteristics, and observes with great interest if we will follow a negative path, or heal and move toward the positive. Either way, you likely agreed before you were born, to aim for many achievements, and without these unconscious aims, we end up meandering through life achieving little. ​To Grow And Ascend One thing's for sure, all of these experiences contribute to your soul's evolution, on a journey over many lifetimes, to becoming your higher self. We surely agreed to, and knew it was inevitable, that we would grow and ascend here on earth due to the multitude of experiences, emotions and other souls here on earth. There are souls from all over the universe living on this beautiful planet, each one a new mirror to look into, to teach us a great deal about the self. We don't always stick to our 'life path'. However, we likely have an optimal path that will ultimately lead us to a great transformation, prosperity and joy. So, by relaxing into creation, following our intuition, and working on self-development and healing, we can accelerate our ascension as our soul intended. To Heal Karma Ah, the topic of karma, is a great worry for many people. 'If I don't heal my karma while I'm here, will I have to incarnate in negative circumstances again?'. I urge you not to worry. Your soul has it all in hand and wants you to learn the lessons that karma brings; this you agreed to before you were born. Karma is healed firstly through becoming aware of repeating themes and difficulties within your life, then examining when, where, why and how they began (some may have carried over from a previous life but can be healed in this one). Next is learning the lessons that these themes are teaching us, for example, how to overcome, heal, understand and approach situations differently, therefore breaking the patterns. Then, the great eradicator of karma; forgiveness comes into play. If you can have forgiveness at last for yourself and others, through understanding all the 'why's' and 'how's' involved, then your karma will surely resolve. Remember, understanding leads to forgiveness. For example, if someone is abusive to you, what in their life history caused them to require so much healing? The Number Of Lifetimes Here You may have chosen before you were born the number of lifetimes you'd have here on Earth. Some souls venture her for just one, they perceive it all a bit much to take! Others, stay here for five, ten or even thousands of years. Perhaps you have chosen a comfortable life for yourself on Earth because your home planet or dimension was quite an easy, loving one. But if your soul is really up for a challenge, you might have set for yourself several testing lives, with the idea of overcoming adversity, healing humanity or sticking it out until the earth makes its vibrational transition. It's an amazing opportunity to experience a lifetime here on Earth. The rest of the universe eagerly watches and awaits the outcome of our collective actions. You may intuitively know what you agreed to before you were born, and are keeping this in mind on your spiritual journey. But whatever the agreement was, you wouldn't have made it, if you didn't think you could handle the challenge.


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