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  • nickysutton

Ways To Know Your Are Experiencing Claircognizance

Claircognizance is the sense of 'just knowing' something. It's the receiving of communication from higher aspects of yourself, guides, angels, the akashic records or even psychically from others. Like all the 'Clairs', claircognizance is very subtle and can be mistaken for your own thought or imagination. That's the way it is, and why many people don't believe it. There is no big signpost popping up to say, 'you're receiving now'.

Ways To Know Your Claircognizance is Coming Through 1. You reach out to your spirit guides for guidance, and a few moments later, you just know the best thing to do or most advantageous way forward. 2. You hold a substance, perhaps food, and read its energies, 'just knowing' whether it's good or bad for you. 3. Someone or something pops into your mind and then a short while later, they or it enters your reality. 4. You tune into the universal core of knowledge (the akashic records) and come up with ideas and have revelations. 5. During meditation, you connect with your higher self and receive their wisdom as a sense of just knowing what they're trying to convey. 6. You're chatting to a friend and 'just know' what they are about to tell you. What other ways do you feel your claircognizance is coming through?


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