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Starseeds, Experience Your Starseed Origins, Your Home Planet or Dimension

As Starseed, you might wonder from where your soul originates in the universe. You have felt, perhaps all your life, that your soul came from somewhere else in the universe, a whole other galaxy or maybe a higher dimension of existence. You may feel like you are from somewhere else, but your planet of origin eludes you. There are ways to tell your Starseed origins and where your soul came from. You might hear others speak of some distant solar system such as Pleiades or Sirius, or perhaps another galaxy such as Andromeda (where I discovered my origins), and it sounds strangely familiar.

​You may exhibit characteristics of souls from certain places Such as the; ​• Arcturians, who are great leaders and planners. • Andromedians, who are very loving and on a quiet mission to raise the vibration of the Earth. • Sirians, who are peacekeepers and bringers of love and peace. • Pleiadians, who are keepers of knowledge and highly empathic. Many of these traits are shared with others of course, but these are predominant. The best way I have found to explore your Starseed origins is to see them for yourself. Using gentle hypnosis (very deep guided meditation), you can take a journey to the time, place or dimension of your soul's origin. When we are very relaxed, our clairvoyance and claircognizance come through. We can allow our consciousness to travel great distances. You can; • Travel far in a matter of moments. • See your home planet or dimension clearly and vividly. • Communicate with any beings there. They may recognize you. • Understand your role in that place, and as a result, your role here on Earth. • Reunite with your soul family. Journey back safely. The process is a lot like astral projection. Many people don't realize that their consciousness is not confined to their human brain and that time and space have no influence over the distance they can travel. I have created the Starseed meditation below to guide you on your journey to see your Starseed origins. Just lay down and relax, and allow me to guide you there and return you safely. Allow the experience to flow. I hope you enjoy it. In doing this, you get to know yourself better. Life is a journey of learning and experience, and if you find your true self along the way, then your journey is enhanced. We get to know ourselves in this lifetime yes, our wants, needs, desires and aspirations. However, by knowing a little more about our Starseed origins, we understand better who we are today.


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