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17 Ways To Know You Have Extrasensory Perception

Extrasensory perception or ESP refers to our natural god-given senses, outside of our normal five human senses. These senses are developing among many of us as we evolve and ascend. We may not realize we possess extrasensory perception, so the following 17 signs will help you to know for sure. 1. Intuitively Knowing What's Going To Happen ​This may happen more than you think. You 'just know' what an outcome will be, or you have a 'gut feeling' about the near future. You are reading the timeline ahead. We are 'one' with

Extrasensory perception

Creation and being totally immersed in its energy, we read the information it contains, past, present or future. This is often felt as a sense of knowing (or claircognizance) or as mental images (clairvoyance) about what is coming up, both are forms of extrasensory perception.

2. Intuitively Knowing The Right Or Best Thing To Do

When we intuitively know the best thing to do moving forward, we are not choosing or weighing up the choices, instead, we are feeling the best action to take. This knowing naturally arises from the subconscious and we can choose to pay attention to it or not. Intuition though really is the sense of the soul; and the logical mind is that of the human brain. Which do you think will guide you best on your life path? 3. Knowing What Someone Is About To Tell You ​Do you ever have images pop into your mind showing you what someone is about to say? Do you ever 'just know' what they are about to tell you? You are psychically picking up their thoughts before they even speak. We all have this ability. Try writing down every time this happens and you may see that extrasensory perception is occurring more frequently than you think. 4. Knowing If Someone Is, Or Is Not, Okay When we spend a great deal of time with someone, we build up energetic bonds. This creates a connection that enables us to feel their emotional state, even over great distances. We might suddenly sense that our friend, sibling, parent or child is in trouble and we get the urge to contact them right away. We don't know why we feel these feelings but we do. This is an intuitive and psychic knowing due to an emotional and energetic attachment. 5. Sensing A Presence Sometimes we sense the presence of our spirit guides when they draw near to offer us assistance. We can also sense the presence of loved ones who have passed over, or even spirits passing by. As the veil thins between this reality and the next, a range of extrasensory perception is opening up to us, and this includes sensing 'beings' in other dimensions. 6. Reading Atmospheres You know the feeling when you walk into a building or a room and you immediately sense the atmosphere? We find ourselves saying; 'This place has a nice atmosphere'. The conclusions you draw are probably not merely based on the way the place looks because you can walk into a very nice room and it gives you the creeps. Then you walk into a darker, messy place and it feels lovely! This is you reading the energy of the building or area; the culmination of the energies of all the beings present there over time. 7. Sensing Emotions Empathically The ability to sense emotions empathically is often one of the first extrasensory perceptions that people experience. We feel the emotions of others as if they are our own. The reason for this is that we are all one, so in a way, the emotions are ours. Yes, we can find ourselves experiencing negative emotions that we pick up from others, but it's not a bad thing. Empathic extrasensory perception helps increase our empathy for others, understanding better how they feel so that we can help. 8. Going On Little Trips When You Close Your Eyes Or Are Relaxed You may find, now and then, that when you're feeling very relaxed, perhaps falling asleep, you experience a faraway place, viewing all kinds of scenery. The visions can be very clear and detailed indeed. The ability for our consciousness to travel through time and space seems to be increasing at the moment. This is because time and space are both illusions and we need only point our consciousness in a certain direction and that is where we will go. Also known as Remote Viewing or Astral Projection, both are very subtle and simple processes involving the direction to which we point our consciousness, using our mind's eye for visualization. Many teachers make techniques such as astral projection sound very complicated indeed, in fact, it is a natural and seamless process. Hence many find it happens by accident!

Knowing you have ESP Extrasensory perception

9. Sensing Substances Are Toxic Or Bad For You Your subconscious mind sometimes tells you when something is not good for you, you must have felt this before. You pick up an item in the grocery store and gain a sense that it's no good for you at all, and decide to put it back. How often do we buy food and then read the contents to find it's full of e-numbers. We buy a shampoo that seems to include many natural ingredients, but one look at the back and we find that it's mostly chemicals. Our subconscious immediately feels a resistance to the product. Your extrasensory perception cause you to 'just know' what the product really contains before you look at the contents. 10. Hearing Voices Clairaudience is a psychic ability. You might find that when you are feeling very relaxed, perhaps going to sleep at night, you hear a voice or two. These voices differ from the normal inner-monologue we all have within the mind, and sometimes they can be heard in different languages. This is us picking up on spirits passing by. Don't worry, if you don't like it, ask your spirit guides to block the communication and it will go away. Remember, intention is key and if you decide you don't want something in your reality; and then it doesn't have to be. 11. Clairvoyance Or Visions Clairvoyance is the ability to receive communication via images within the mind's eye. Much of the information we receive from reality, spirit guides and our higher self comes in as mental images. Sometimes too, we have visions, a scene or scenario will play out in our minds eye, perhaps a vision of the future. 12. Intuiting Synchronicities We use our intuition when following trails of synchronicities being presented to us. We may observe common themes running throughout our day, for example, seeing butterflies or number patterns. Amazing coincidences are happening for good reason and we must use our intuition to feel for and understand what the messages might mean. We can become better and better at intuiting synchronicities over time. 13. Feeling The Flow Of Energy Or Blockages Many people can feel the flow of energy within the human body or within animals and plants. When we intuitively feel the flow of energy we can also feel if blockages are occurring. This provides us with clues as to the well-being of others because energy must be free to flow within all beings. 14. Sensing Someone Is Unwell We might come into contact with someone and just know they are suffering from an illness or becoming unwell. We may intuitively 'just know' what's wrong with them and how to heal them. 15. The Urge To Heal It's a sure sign that you should become a healer or an energy worker if you have the urge to heal. It's the irresistible urge to be of service to others and help them feel better. You may wish to heal them energetically or holistically through diet, even through mental processes of healing. Whichever it is, you have the ability to sense where something is not right and the knowing of how to heal it. 16. Seeing Auras Seeing auras is seeing the energy field of a person (animal or plant). Our energetic body slightly overlaps our physical body. We know we have extrasensory perception when we are able to perceive auras as we are gaining the ability to see energy. At first, auras may be seen as a white halo, but colors can emerge over time. 17. Feeling Much Calmer In Nature Imagine how you feel when you go out in nature, perhaps you feel calmer and more connected to your surroundings. Compare this feeling to being in the town or city; we sometimes experience more stress and an inability to feel positive and rejuvenating energies around us. It's a sign of ESP when you are able to feel the difference between the energies; the natural free-flowing energies of nature compared to the more stressful, man-made surroundings of the city. Observe that difference and realize you are reading the energies of both places. This is a great book on ESP: The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities There are probably more forms of ESP not mentioned here, if you can think of any more, please leave a comment in the comments section below. Much love.


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