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8 Ways To Know You Are On Your Best Life Path

Life Path

Your life path is the journey that you have chosen for yourself in this lifetime in order to meet certain learning and experience aims. It's said that these choices are made by the soul. We might want to know if we are on our life path in order to make sure we are learning and experiencing the things we are supposed to in this lifetime. It's worth remembering that we can deviate from our life path, we have free will and can make our own decisions. Sometimes however, our spirit guides or higher self help to keep us on our life path by giving us a nudge in the right direction. Ways To Know You Are On Your Life Path 1. You are always on our life path No matter what happens in life, it's all good learning and experience for the soul. All is in perfect, divine order. You can't not be on your life path, it is your life after all. The point is that your soul has certain parameters, certain things that it wants you to figure out in this lifetime. So no matter what happens during your life, whatever variations occur, it's still the path we have taken. So instead of wondering whether or not we are on our life path, the question really is, am I on the most optimal path? One that provides the most catalyst for my development.

I'll just point out that our life path is not something that we should really worry about, because as I said, we are always on our life path no matter what. 2. Use your intuition Intuition is very useful for knowing you're on your life path. It's that feeling, that sense, that this is the right direction to go and these are the actions to take. So, on your life path, when you're making decisions, make those decisions using your intuition because intuition is of the soul. Logical thought originates from the human mind, but your intuition is more likely to keep you on your most optimal path. Oftentimes the logical mind kicks in and says, 'I should logically do it this', however, by using your intuition you are more likely to follow the path that your soul wants you to follow. Following your intuition can feel like following the path that excites you or makes your heart sing. Your intuition is you communicating with your soul. 3. What feels great? Doing what feels great is like using your intuition but you are leaning toward following your joy. The ultimate aim for consciousness is to return to love. Love is the truth of the matter. So we ask ourselves, what feels great? Helping others, helping children, or preventing destruction of our planet? Parenting, teaching, healing, administration or science? It could be anything; what feels great to you? If it gives you that feeling of joy and excitement, it's very likely that you are following your life path. The reason why it feels so great is because your soul is saying yes! That's the right thing to do. Here's a very useful book on living your purpose: The Life You Were Born To Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose. 4. Butterflies in your tummy or a tingling in your chest If your heart chakra is activating, you may experience a sensation in your chest such as butterflies in your tummy or tingling in your chest. If your heart chakra is activating it means you are moving into love light and understanding. You are making a decision or taking an action that resonates with your soul. 5. Does it resonate with your spiritual beliefs and values? Staying true to your beliefs and values is very important. Core positive beliefs that are held very strongly are likely to be of the soul. So if you are, for example, in a job that goes against your beliefs and values, causing negative emotions day to day, then perhaps question if it is the right job for you according to your life path. Staying true to yourself is very important when figuring out whether you are on your optimal life path. 6. Things seem familiar to you Have you ever visited a place, started a new pastime or occupation, or met a new friend or partner, and they just seemed incredibly familiar to you? This is your soul telling you that you will have something to do with this place, occupation or person into the future. They will be in your life. It's a bit like having a premonition, a vision of the future, you just know you are making an ongoing association, it's going to be in your existence. Therefore, it's likely that you are following your optimal life path. 7. Things fall into place effortlessly Why might things fall into place effortlessly? Well, because your spirit guides or higher self are helping to make sure that the right events are happening at the right times. Things fall into place; you meet someone by sheer chance, come across an amazing new idea, synchronicities happen and sequences of events occur that put everything in order for you. So when things fall into place effortlessly, you can be sure that you are following your optimal life path. 8. Attracting the right people or events This is the law of attraction at work. The further along our spiritual path we go, the more adept we become at using the law of attraction. Here we are attracting our reality quite seamlessly, because our vibration is rising and we begin to believe in the power of manifestation. We manifest the right circumstances, events and people into our lives as if by magic. If you are getting a good handle on the law of attraction and are able to manifest more and more easily, it's likely that you are following our optimal life path.


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