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8 Ways To Know You're Remembering A Past Life

a past life

Your higher self remembers all that you have ever been through, every incarnation you've had. The subconscious mind is the link between you today and your previous selves. Sometimes emotions and memories arise within us that have no discernible origin, they are triggered in certain situations. Unable to find the cause in this life, we begin to suspect that they came from a past life. Here are 8 ways to know you're remembering a past life, and this helps you to know what your previous lifetimes were. ​1. Music Moves You You hear an old song or melody, be it Classical, Baroque, Opera, Native American, Ragtime, Swing, Disco, or even something else; and you feel like you're reminiscing. But what are you reminiscing about? ​When I hear Vera Lynn, a singer who was enormously popular during the Second World War, I am almost brought to tears. Emotions, that are not necessarily my own, come flooding back and I perceive these emotions as belonging to another part of me, a former aspect of myself.

Music often brings up emotions. However, if the music you've never heard before strikes an emotional chord that feels unusual, consider that past life feelings are being triggered. When there's no explanation for it, and strong emotions such as longing, regret, joy or even fear are evoked; your past life memories may be seeping through. Memories may not accompany these emotions but music is a good place to start when pinpointing a former era in which you lived. 2. A Familiar Period Of Time Visiting a museum is usually pretty interesting, it's amazing to observe the artefacts and memorabilia that have stood the test of time. If while you're exploring a museum, you feel irresistibly drawn to something originating from a certain time period, and experience awe and fascination about it, consider that you're remembering a previous lifetime. Again, actual memories may not be evoked, we simply find the objects very familiar. Depending on when and where an object originated from, we start to realize where our previous incarnations may have been. You might watch a movie set in a bygone era and feel like you are seeing home once again. Some people dress up in period costumes and re-enact battles just for fun, others dress up in 50's style clothing and make YouTube videos about their style. It's like they are reliving a life they previously experienced. This identification, or urge to identify with the past, could be our previous identity bleeding through.

3. This Place Feels Like Home (Or Like Hell) This is something I hear about a lot. People visit a geographical area or place of interest and feel that it is overwhelmingly familiar. This feeling can take the form of coming home or even a sense of dread depending on the past life experiences they had there. One of my clients told of how she visited a city in Scotland and knew the layout of the city as if she'd lived there all her life. She kept expecting to see someone she knew and even felt like a loved one was missing. During past life regression, we found that she lived in a Scottish city some 200 years ago, and enjoyed a generally happy life with a husband that her soul missed very much. A sense of dread can occur in a place we visit for the first time when we have a subconscious remembering of frightening and fearful times there. Past life regression can reveal battles, poverty, mistreatment and loss. When we physically visit these places, we feel the undeniable urge to flee. ​We may also experience spontaneous visions of a place from the past; a street, landmark, or dwelling. Yet, we've never been there before. You could try recalling any cultural details, the style of the buildings or clothing, or what was going on around you. Then look online for images and clues as to what the country or time period was that you were remembering.

4. Fear Of Dying A Certain Way A friend of mine had a fear of heights that grew worse for years. This feeling persisted since childhood and grew worse over time. Past life regression revealed that she was pushed from a high rock onto someone's sword. Not a pleasant experience! Whenever she climbed anything or drove over a tall bridge, her subconscious mind was recalling the fall and the result of it. Some people have ten smoke alarms in their homes due to fear of fire, others dread enclosed spaces, being in the water, or going out at night. If there is no identifiable cause from earlier in life, there's a possibility we are experiencing a subconscious remembering of how we met our end in a previous lifetime. Flashes of visions may also arise of how we died, spontaneous memories outside of our imagination. Here is a popular book on past lives from the point of view of a psychologist, who received the proof for himself, that past lives do exist: Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives​. 5. Dreams Dreams are a function of the subconscious mind, and they can be messages from our soul. We might have a particularly vivid dream of being someone else or living in an entirely different culture or location. We may even have a dream in which we are the opposite sex. These dreams are especially telling because in the dream state we have access to information that is far more difficult to access when awake; we are better connected to our infinite, immortal higher self. Once, I had a dream I was flying a World War 2 fighter plane that was shot down. My plane crashed but I did survive. I remember feeling joyful and relieved that I would potentially be able to return to my wife and children (I was a man). In another dream, however, I did die in a fighter plane, I think it was my final mission. If such a dream is particularly vivid, it is a clue that we are experiencing a previous lifetime. So why do we suddenly gain access to these past life memories during dream time? Well, perhaps it is simply the right time for us to know the information, maybe it will serve us on our path in some way.

How to know what you past lives are

6. Special Skills Come From Nowhere You may be particularly talented at your work, art, sports or another endeavor. But have you ever had skills come to you spontaneously, with no practice or training? For example, knowing your way around a circuit board having never seen one before, or being able to dance with the poise and grace of a ballerina having never taken ballet lessons? These skills may have arisen from your subconscious mind for you to employ today. You were perhaps adept at your craft in another lifetime, and practised so much, that the skills remain with you today. This is a hint as to your occupation or skill-set in a previous lifetime. 7. Unexplained Pain It can be frustrating having been to the doctor with pain or an ailment, only to be told that there is seemingly no cause for the problem. There may, however, be an energetic cause, or an emotional one due to the accumulation of negative energy within the body. Consider though, that this pain or condition might be bodily memory from a previous lifetime. We may have experienced a life with an injury that caused great pain and negative motion. Our life may have even ended due to this condition. Unbeknownst to us, our pain is actually a memory that we need to heal and release. Like an echo through time, an accidental leftover; due to its profound effect, the pain continues into our current lifetime. Past Life Regression can help with this. Identifying the lifetime where the pain arose, and through visualization techniques, releasing the pain, helping us to feel better today. 8. Missing Someone It's a strange feeling when we miss someone we've never met. We may have never set eyes on them or even know they exist but have a longing for a person we intuitively feel is missing. Their characteristics may also be subconsciously known to us, but we can't match them to anyone in our lives today. This can happen when we have spent time with someone in a previous lifetime, someone who has emotionally impacted us in some way. Essentially our soul misses them and wishes to be in their presence again. We may also dream about them or have flashes of memories about this stranger who we dearly love. This is surely one way to know we are remembering a past life. Hopefully, this article helps to illuminate some causes of unexplained emotions, sensations or memories that arise in certain situations. Your current lifetime is the one that matters now though, but we can still heal from previous ones. The key is becoming aware of why we feel as we do, and contemplating this for a while with a view to letting go. This process releases negative energy if we have it. If your past life memories are pleasant then that's wonderful, no healing is required, and all a positive addition to your multidimensional self. Please leave a comment below about any ways that you know you are remembering a past life.


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