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9 Ways To Open Your Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the chakra of love and understanding. Green ray energy is complete universal love. The Earth itself is moving into the green ray, its own green ray chakra is opening and activating. This is a most important transition for us. How To Open The Heart Chakra 1. Work on opening the sacral (orange) and solar plexus (yellow) chakras. The heart chakra is greatly dependent on the state of the yellow and orange chakras. If we have blockages in the orange chakra, we may encounter problems with the self. For example, if I struggle with my own self-confidence and require healing in that area, I may find it difficult to show love and understanding to others. Therefore, love cannot freely flow with blockages in the orange chakra, potentially suppressing energy flow within the heart chakra. Healing the orange ray is very important for healing the green ray.

The 7 Chakras

In addition, the green chakra is dependent on the yellow chakra. For example, if I have an inflated ego and desire to gain power over others and to manipulate them, this would severely hamper my ability to express, love, care, and compassion to others. As a side note, your green chakra can enhance your blue chakra (the throat chakra) because if the heart chakra is free flowing, we are able to communicate in a loving and understanding manner. We listen well and appear sympathetic. An open and radiant heart chakra aids greatly in effective communication. 2. Giving without expectation of return. Giving without expectation of return is helping to raise others' vibrations with no strings attached. We do not expect rewards for our kindness. We know we are making good progress in opening our heart chakra if we give without expectation of return, doing this stimulates heart chakra energy. Often times when we give our time, expertise, love or even gifts to others, they provide us with something in return sooner or later. But what does it matter if we do not receive something back? We are doing a great service to others and to ourselves by performing these behaviors if we are able. 3. Performing healing work, be it physical, mental or energy work. By performing healing of any kind, we are giving our heart chakra a workout. The best healers have an open and radiant heart chakra, and their energies are profoundly felt by others. But in a cyclical fashion, these actions also help to open and unblock the heart chakra. We improve others well being, helping them to feel happier, and by practicing in love and understanding we experience the higher vibrations required to stimulate the heart chakra. 4. Contemplating thoughts of oneness. By sitting quietly and meditating on, or contemplating thoughts of oneness; realizations sink down into our subconscious mind, stimulating energies within us, causing even deeper realizations and raising our vibration. Contemplation on the concept of oneness is realizing that everything in creation is 'one'. All is one energy; all physical objects, all plants, minerals, animals and people. Absolutely everything is one. When we help and care for any other creature within creation, we are also caring for ourselves. The reason for this, is that all is one energy that we share. Contemplating this stimulates the heart chakra energy to flow, helping us to be more tolerant and caring in this reality. Here is a useful book on balancing all your chakras: Chakra Healing: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Healing Techniques that Balance the Chakras​ 5. Working on self acceptance. Have a think about all the things you do not truly accept about yourself, then release resistance to them. If you are resisting aspects of self then you are not loving yourself entirely. Accepting all aspects of self is agreeing to work on and improve the self if needs be, at the same time as embracing the self as a whole. If we accept ourselves entirely, we come from a place of yes rather than a place of no and can move forward accordingly. Self-acceptance leads to self love. It is the first step toward raising your own vibration and the emotional energies you express toward yourself. 6. Working on forgiveness. Forgiveness is the eradicator of karma and releases a lot of negative energy too. Forgiveness allows you to live in a higher vibration. Work on forgiving all those people that may have upset you, and all those circumstances and events that you regret. Understanding leads to forgiveness, so by gaining understanding of what went on in the past, the true reasons why events occurred, we can begin to gain forgiveness. This instantly raises your vibration, bringing more love and light into your mind, and stimulating the heart chakra. 7. Practice empathy. Practicing empathy for others helps to open and unblock your heart chakra. Putting yourself in other people's shoes allows you to have greater understanding and express more love. I know that many of you are empathic, and you can't help but empathize, but it is a wonderful gift being an empath even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes. Experiencing empathy for others triggers the heart chakra energy to move and flow, causing us to experience more love and understanding 8. Perform meditation. Even if it's just 10 to 20 minutes per day focusing on your breath, meditation brings you closer to creation. We clear our mind of all those superficial thoughts, problems and worries that block the mind, 3D thoughts that take us away from the truth of creation. By focusing on our breath and sitting in silence, we can truly begin to feel the energy of creation, stimulating your own energy to flow. Even if your mind drifts away and you find yourself in thought once more, gently bring your attention back to your breath nonjudgmentally, knowing that it is very normal to drift off in thought sometimes. Do not become cross with yourself. Just do as much as you can do. 9. Meditate or contemplate on thoughts of love and compassion in nature. Sit quietly in nature where you can feel natural energies all around you. This is the reset, default state of our reality, yet we concrete and build over all of nature. Get back to where you belong, feel the energies and feel the love and oneness of our creation. Allow this natural reality to find ways to bring more love and compassion into your beingness and feel the energy flow through you. Experienced that love.


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