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Can A Soul Be Male Or Female?

Can A Soul Be Male Or Female?

Male and female genders both exist within each of us. Gender, instead of being the clear opposites of male and female, it is instead a spectrum of biases, tendencies, and self-perception somewhere between male and female. Both are intermingled, intertwined and intrinsically part of each entity. We are not talking solely about the sex of an individual here, for this is the human characteristic of being physically male or female. We experience both male and female lives, however, and so a soul may develop a natural identification with either gender. So when we talk about gender, it's the bias in personality that we are referring to, not the physical human sex.

If an entity (or soul) has experienced approximately two-thirds of previous incarnations as one human sex, then it is vulnerable to feeling a sense of misidentification or alienation from its human physical body if in the next life is experienced as the opposite sex. The soul itself has no sex. The soul or spirit is an intensive focal point of energy, so magnified that it is conscious and aware. Through its journey of learning and experience, it must become both male and female in physical form. Lifetime after lifetime it experiences incarnations as either male or female, learning every aspect of what it's like to be each. As an example, if a soul has spent 70 per cent of its physical incarnations as female and then incarnates as a human male, there may be strong tendencies from an early age to think and behave as female. This is only natural. The urge for femaleness may be so strong that this individual begins the process of becoming transgender in order to live a physical life that represents the gender orientation of the soul. Creation, the universe, source or whatever you like to call it, is all about diversity, individuality and free will as part of the oneness of all things, the oneness of itself. Transsexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality all arise as naturally as any other bias or tendency that a soul can have. There are no rules except that both genders must be experienced for ultimate balance and progression. Eventually, enough lifetimes are experienced in order to unify both genders in the personality of the soul, balancing the self for progression. There is no physical sex or physical bisexual reproduction in higher stages of existence - fourth and upward. Therefore, gender is a third-density (or dimensional) experience. Some souls take alternate incarnations as each gender, others a series of one or the other. Some have a bias toward male or female but in terms of the soul, the balance must ultimately be sought so that it becomes a perfect blend of both. Therefore, a soul over-identifying with the female gender for example, may undergo a series of lifetimes in the male form in order to compensate for this bias. An entity begins its reincarnation existences with both male and female aspects present and ready for development. Bias toward one gender or another can then occur, or even reverse over time until after countless lifetimes the balance between both is reached. Not a genderless entity but a perfect unification of the beingness, characteristics, biases and tendencies of both. Some souls find being one human sex easier than the other. The soul may have a strong male bias, and while incarnate as male, have a wonderful grasp of physical existence, able to manipulate many aspects of it at will. It's not necessary to live an equal number of lives as each physical sex. An entity, for example, adept at being a human male having had experiences that are well understood and accepted, requires fewer male incarnations for learning and experience. Instead, more focus and practice is required at being female. An entity of this type may find it difficult to exist in a physically female form and be unable to relate to for example, 'female' norms of behavior, body language, emotions, communication, personality biases, tenderness, creativity, maternal instincts and so on. In these cases, a very masculine human female may be the result. She will learn and experience what a lifetime of this nature is like and unfortunately seem to herself as a male trapped in a female's body. She may feel very disconnected from or even hate, her physical female form, for inside her mind she is male. Easily observable is the myriad of gender identities running through the human population and their spirits incarnate within. All should be accepted and celebrated because our wonderful diversity and individuality contribute to a rich, varied and wonderful totality of consciousnesses. It must be realized that we are all one. There are those who describe themselves, for example, as being a gay female trapped in a male body. This is a human male who feels like he has the gender identity (soul bias) of a woman but still finds only the female physical form sexually attractive. So you see, there is an enormous variation on the spectrum of gender identification, characteristics, biases and emotions and this is because each entity is unique and wonderful and is travelling on its own personal path of spiritual evolution toward higher stages of existence in its own unique way. We don't tend to consciously recall our former incarnations, although memories of these do exist within our subconscious mind. These are memories of being both physically male and female. These past life memories sometimes rise to the surface and reach the conscious mind where we perceive them as ideas that came from nowhere, daydreams, revelations, or the ability to perform a task that we previously were unable to do. As mentioned, we have both maleness and femaleness interwoven within our very being. Carl Jung named the inner male characteristic the 'animus' and the inner female the 'anima'. Both are present within us no matter what earthly physical sex we currently are. So that we don't identify too strongly with one gender over another, the inner male (or animus) will activate within in a human female as a safeguard. The same is true for the inner female (or anima) within a male. It attempts to prevent over-identification with the human vehicle which can cause extremes in personality, or after physical death, resistance to future incarnations as the other gender. The inner female is generally inward, caring, protective, nurturing, intuitive, emotional, thoughtful, receptive and creative. The inner male is generally outwardly thrusting, aggressive, non-emotional, dominant and powerful. Your intuition can be of great value to you if you personally require some trait of the other gender. For example, if you find you're becoming too used to being clean, tidy and well presented, yet you are required to embark on a camping holiday in the wild, you can tell your subconscious mind to present to you some male-like characteristics from a former incarnation to help you to rough-it out. Your subconscious mind is the slave to your conscious commands should oblige, and your new knowledge will likely reveal itself through your intuition. You will simply know what to do. The inner anima or animus will activate automatically should, for example, a human male become over-reliant on his male characteristics. If this male constantly acts tough as a means of relating to other people, the inner anima will activate and provide some sense of femaleness in order to soften the male bias. This can arrive through dreams, intuition, spontaneous thought, spontaneous emotion or other inner senses. The inner female will calm and mellow the aggressive tendencies of the male. The inner female balances out the male aggressiveness or assertion by transforming it into creativity, for example through martial arts, sports, activism, useful work and so on. The inner male aggressiveness balances the female creativity by drawing its emotions outward and channeling it assertively into poetry, art, forming organizations, social groups, and any creative and helpful project or endeavor. It may be noted that the anima or animus may be suppressed somewhat by the soul if the purpose of the lifetime is to experience, for example, being an extremely masculine male. The inner female will not intervene. A similar situation occurs where, for example, the animus has little or no effect; the soul may be extremely biased toward female gender yet be incarnate as a human male. No matter how much the animus works on balancing the femaleness toward maleness, the individual will still feel like a female existing within a male physical body. In terms of genders interacting with each other; the inner female helps men to relate to women, especially through communication, the giving and receiving of love, understanding and empathy. The inner male helps women to relate to males by providing an understanding of the aggressive or non-emotional tendencies and allowing for these. Where women seem to metaphorically be from Venus and men from Mars (!) the animus and anima aid the individual in understanding and accepting the other. In terms of the mass consciousness (or collective unconscious) the anima and animus within each of us serve to collectively balance and mellow entire populations. Extreme femininity and extreme masculinity among the many are mellowed, softened and balanced to some degree by our collective inner spectrum of gender. The male gender will feel an irresistible pull toward, and fascination with, the female gender because she represents to him all that is suppressed and longing for release or expression. However, due to the human male physical body being programmed with aggressive and masculine type hormones, reflexes, brain chemistry and so on, the expression of femaleness can be a foreign concept. So the male gender craves the female gender in order to balance out his maleness. And the same is true for the female; craving and being fascinated with the male, for her male characteristics are too often suppressed. Furthermore, society teaches us that we must think and behave as the sex to which we were born. We are dressed, given toys, spoken to, named, categorized and taught according to the sex that we are. Whether we actually feel like the corresponding gender never usually comes into it. Children who feel alienated from their physical sex, therefore, perceive these feelings as wrong. Think of five females that you know. Contemplate to what degree they seem more or less female in your own perceptions. See that there are varying degrees of femaleness. Now do the same with five males that you know and see that there are varying degrees of maleness. These people may be more or less influenced by their inner anima or animus, or possess souls with varying degrees of gender bias or preference. Think about your own gender in terms of a horizontal line. Have male at one end and female at the other. Where do you fall on that line, extremely male or female, or somewhere in between? There are many who fall in the center despite being incarnate within a male or female body; they feel both male and female to an equal degree. The soul may have spent many lifetimes as both male and female, experienced what both are like in a detailed way and balanced as a mixture of the two. The true self cannot be known until the male/female bias is balanced and perfected, for this bias of physical illusion (on Earth or some other third-density planetary reality) will always influence our personality. Whatever gender you feel you are, regardless of human physical form – know that you are who you are, and there's no shame in feeling as you do. If your gender matches your sex then fine. If it misaligns then know that no matter what society might say, in terms of your infinite, immortal and eternal self, you cannot be categorized. We must all be individual, varied and unique or creation would gain nothing from our existences. Your gender bias, mine and everyone else's contributions to the wondrous and infinite diversity of creation. You have a right to be you.


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