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How To Know You Are Speaking Light Language

How to know you are speaking light language

You may have heard of light language or listened to someone speaking it. Light language is a form of channelling where the speaker feels compelled to speak or sing words, or make sounds, that may not seem to make too much sense. The words and sounds however, are said to hold deep meaning and are channelled directly from beings on the other side. How To Know You Are Speaking Light Language 1. Light language can come through in the form of words, although they may sound like gibberish and not seem like they hold much conscious meaning. Sounds are also made sometimes, such as clicks and clucks and other interesting sounds. It is not unusual for people to make tones and humming sounds with their voice, as well as breaking into full song. Singing allows light language to flow through us. Different voices can also be heard, one's voice can change when speaking light language 2. Light language is not usually consciously understandable but it feels good to do. The information and wisdom that comes through however, is often very understandable by the subconscious mind. This is why light language can seem very familiar to us, when we are channeling it ourselves, or when we are listening to someone else do it. Consciously we may not understand what is said, but the subconscious mind soaks it all up and remembers it. This information can then surface to our conscious mind in the near future, bring wisdom into this reality.

3. Light language brings out innate remembering from the subconscious mind, that may be stored there from previous lifetimes. Our subconscious mind has access to all that is, the mass consciousness and the Akashic records. Light language is said to trigger remembering of ancient concepts and wisdom. Light language in itself is ancient, although expressed through us in different ways. It can evoke memories that are buried within which we then incorporate into our daily lives. 4. Sometimes individuals channel symbols and pictures, such as hieroglyphs, scenes and people. These also trigger meaning hidden deep within the subconscious. I'm sure you've heard the saying that a picture holds a thousand words; this is likely the case. If we receive clairvoyant images and recreate them in our reality in pictures, symbols and hieroglyphs, those who view them receive the information too. This not only triggers the remembering of wisdom, but also oftentimes a spiritual awakening.

5. Light language can feel like you're channeling, you are a channel for information. Just like water flowing through a channel, it just comes through! Here you bring in meaning that is needed in our reality, wisdom perhaps from your higher self, spirit guides, extraterrestrials and other kinds of interdimensional entities. 6. Light language may be expressed with physical poses, postures, hand signs, general body movements and dancing. This augments the communication and in a way, helps to get it out. 7. Light language often helps others who hear it to feel good. It can be tough sometimes expressing yourself in front of others for fear of feeling silly. So showing others your expression of light language helps to break down your own ego. Plus, light language can have healing properties too, for yourself and for others (explained next). 8. A great way to tell you are channeling light language is a feeling of being healed. Light language brings in healing concepts, and triggers innate remembering of healing methods stored within your subconscious mind; methods remembered from other incarnations. Remembering that the body is generated by the mind, these realizations can heal the body. In addition, light language is said to literally bring light into our reality. Reality is created from light, but sometimes there are darker spots within our environment and within ourselves. Light language brings in light to replenish those areas which require healing. You might wonder, why not just speak in English or other first language? Some of the words that we speak have a negative vibrational sound, as well as this, spoken language can be limiting. Often times we find we are unable to express ourselves fully. Then light language comes in, and we feel we can express ourselves, especially emotionally, with greater depth and meaning. Here is a useful book on activating your light language: Light Language Emerging: Activating Ascension Codes and Integrating Body, Soul, and Spirit.​


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