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How To Release Karma Quickly

How To Release Karma Quickly

You might suspect that you have built up negative karma and want to know how to release it. Perhaps unfortunate events are happening all the time, or you're feeling down on your luck. Maybe the question; 'Why does this keep happening to me?', regularly comes to mind. All is well, here are some effective ways to release karma. ​Just Quick, What Is Karma All About? Karma is cause and effect. It results from our actions and is accumulated through performing those actions. Life is a journey of learning and experience, and for this reason, our soul loves to take an incarnation on planet Earth; it is rich in varied experiences. Karma is not a punishment, it is a tool for growth. Our soul wishes to learn and ascend, consciousness by its very nature must evolve. We learn from the actions we take, both positive and negative, even if we don't realize we are learning. We must also experience the polar opposite of those experiences in order to understand both sides of the story.

For example, we might experience a pampered life, unwilling to share with others, and then another life in which we are unable to meet our basic needs, unable to find help. We may spend half a life behaving poorly toward others, then for the second half, find ourselves being treated very poorly. The soul wishes to experience the entire spectrum of catalyzing events; how we became as we did, how we adopted such behaviors, why we felt how we did and so on. Opposites are experienced in order to learn and grow. If we fall into the trap of negative behavior, we will learn soon enough what it's like to be on the receiving end of it. If continuous cycles of hardship are experienced in life, we can identify the karmic cycle and break it. Here is a useful book on Karma: What It Is, What It Isn't, Why It Matters. Steps For Releasing Karma Identifying The Pattern We can identify a karmic pattern when negative events reoccur, this is the first step. Without realizing that we are caught in the wheel of karma, we cannot take action to break free. A karmic pattern may manifest as, for example; finding oneself in unhappy relationships. The cause of the karma maybe earlier in this life or in another, perhaps we knowingly or unknowingly made our partner unhappy. Either way, we can release the karma today. Another example is experiencing continuous money problems no matter how hard we try to make a stable living. This karma may have been acquired in a previous lifetime, owning a business and paying our employees a meagre wage, or in this life, handed down through family karma, where we took on the attitudes and beliefs of our parents, such as; 'people like us always work hard for very little'. So after identifying unfavorable patterns in life that we wish to improve, suspecting that karma is at play, we move on to the next steps.

What Can I learn? Learning the lessons that karma brings is vital for releasing karma. Our soul wishes for us to live a life rich in learning and experience so that the soul can ascend and progress. If we ignore the lessons that karma brings, they will repeat again and again until we pay attention. This may seem unfair from our point of view, but from the perspective of the soul, it's all great catalyst. To learn the lessons, we must start paying attention to the repetitious situations unfolding, and ask ourselves, 'What is this situation teaching me? How do I feel? How do others feel? What is causing this situation? How can I do things differently? What assumptions have I made about this situation that I could reevaluate?'. For example, if I am continually experiencing hardship; what have I learned about myself from this experience? Am I strong? Am I still kind to others in the face of adversity? Can I be more helpful to others? How can I better take care of my own well-being? Am I stuck in a rut without taking a chance on something new? Do I need to change my behaviors? How can I change them? Do I need to find the strength to venture in a new direction? Do I have negative beliefs about money? Another example, if I am being controlled and manipulated by a parent; Why do I endure this? Do I need to work on confidence-building? Perhaps learn to make my own decisions or stand my ground? How can I remove myself from this situation? What has stopped me from doing this before? How can I move in a new direction? Do I have negative core beliefs about myself that are stopping me from breaking free? Another example, if things keep going wrong; Deep down, do I expect things to go well or not? How do I feel when things go well? How do I feel when things go wrong? Do I feel I deserve things to go well? Do I have negative beliefs about myself (such as I am clumsy or unintelligent)? What are, if any, my negative beliefs about reality (such as everyone is out to get me, or life is difficult)? To what extent do I trust in my own abilities? One more example, If I am trapped in an unhappy relationship; Am I putting up with too much? Do I need to take a chance and move in a new direction? How do I feel? What core beliefs do I have that are causing me to manifest such a relationship? Is my emotional vibration such that this manifests? Do I need to work on my confidence and self-esteem? These kinds of questions enable us to come up with answers that teach us about ourselves. They also enable us to reevaluate the situation instead of remaining in it, feeling hopeless. Changing Your Mind, Changing Your Actions All the questions above can be tricky to face up to and address. They cause us to look inward instead of only outward at situations; we must see both. We are learning lessons from the patterns we have identified, and now it's time to work on our beliefs, feelings, expectations, behaviors, and relationships with others and ourselves. We can: - Undo negative core beliefs about ourselves and about reality, that are causing us to manifest unfavorable circumstances. - Identify habits and break them. - Work on healing negative emotions. - Change our attitudes and behaviors toward others, bringing more positivity into relationships. - Learn to treat ourselves better, even protect ourselves from those who harm us. - Move in new directions, taking a chance on actions we never would before. - Raise our expectations of what we deserve, furthering our manifestation capabilities. No matter how your karma began, we can stop the cycle now by seeing the pattern, learning from it and taking new action. Karma is all about action, so let's change our minds and our actions.

The Eradicator Of Karma We may have caused great unhappiness for someone in a previous relationship, either earlier in this lifetime, or in another one; but we can release this karma today through forgiveness. Forgiveness is the great eradicator of karma because it releases swathes of negative energy that we may have been holding onto for years. We can't just make ourselves have forgiveness, it's all well and good saying, 'I forgive you', or 'I forgive myself', but do we truly mean it deep down? I've always said that understanding leads to forgiveness, because, in that moment, we understand why someone who has hurt us behaves as they do; we realize that there are forces at work that made them the way they are. It is never acceptable when someone treats us badly or unfairly, but we realize they treated us this way because they were in desperate need of healing. This takes the burden from us as we see it wasn't our fault, we tried our best. We can remove feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness and humiliation this way. We realize we do deserve love and care, and that we don't have to endure such treatment. They were not qualified to tell us who we are because their reasoning powers were poor; they needed mental and emotional healing. People behave badly toward others usually because, for example, they have been mistreated themselves in younger years, they are hanging onto core beliefs (such as, to be successful, it's okay to hurt others) or because they have developed inflated ego due to being spoiled. Then we see that their emotional and mental development has resulted in negative behaviors, and we can let some of our own negative emotions toward them go. This releases negative energy from the self. We need not have them in our life anymore, but still we can let some hurt, resentment and even hatred toward them go. We can also have forgiveness for ourselves through understanding why we did what we did. Forgiving ourselves for the state of mind we were in is possible because we too required healing. If our karma began in a previous lifetime, then past life regression can help to identify the situation surrounding its accumulation. We can understand what went on, the why's and how's, and then tell our past life self that we forgive them. We can even have forgiveness for physical illness, unfortunate events and personal circumstances. Releasing negative energy surrounding these occurrences is important, by accepting they have happened and moving forward with love and understanding. This release of negative energy, our forgiveness, effectively eradicates karma because we have learned the lessons that the experiences offered. We have changed our minds and our behaviors therefore our reality changes.

Release karma

After Releasing Karma We know when karma has been successfully released because patterns cease to repeat; we have left the cycle. By keeping an eye out for more cycles occurring, we can deal with them in the same way. Having this mindset is a brilliant catalyst for ascension; we meet the karmic challenges head-on and resolve them. Our soul would be proud! Long cycles of prosperity and happiness set in, this is the good karma coming back around due to our positive actions. Riding the waves of good karma takes us higher and higher. This too is great catalyst for the soul.


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