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How To Unblock Your Chakras Yourself

How To Unblock Your Chakras Yourself

You don't always need a spiritual healer or trained Reiki master to unblock your chakras for you. Although these wise healers are undoubtedly invaluable, you can also perform your own healing in terms of the free-flowing of energy through your energy centers yourself. The red through violet chakras requires free-flowing of vital cosmic energy in order to fully balance you as an entity. You are a mind/body/spirit complex. Your spirit resides within and is attached to your earthly body at all times until it is released upon death.

Part of your spirit complex are seven chakras, and these run up the centre of your body from the base of the spine to the top of your head, red through violet. Each holds potential for learning, knowledge, awareness and evolution. Working on unblocking certain chakras can enable vital energy to flow, making you a more balanced person, resulting in inner harmony and peace. You are then more able to approach life in a calm and balanced manner. Chakras however can be partially or even fully closed for some people, especially the indigo and violet. The indigo is associated with the ability to interact with the spirit world and receive intelligent energy from the universe. The violet represents the totality of all the energy centres, when these are open and functioning, the violet chakra is fully enabled too. The process of unblocking your chakras is not one that is completed in a short time. But improvements can be made quite quickly. It's a process of self-improvement over the course of your entire lifetime, and it is extremely rare for a mind/body/spirit complex to ever be completely balanced with fully open and free-flowing energy centers. Each person is different, therefore the process of unblocking and balancing your chakras is unique to you. It first requires exploration and knowledge of the self, that's the totality of all energy centres before each can be unblocked. An example might be a blockage in the green chakra resulting is an inability to express love. Exploration and careful contemplation of the self is required in order to understand to what extent the person feels is a balanced amount of love. Once this balance is found, then, for example, the orange chakra too will begin to permit more free-flowing energy due to a greater acceptance of the self. By balancing one chakra another becomes more balanced. Meditation and contemplation are required on the concept of the self. Yoga too will help. Think about who you are and what you consider to be balanced. Self-discovery helps to balance chakras, and then the correct levels of positive or negative energies can flow. Remember even a negatively orientated person can balance their energies, if they are mean through and through, then they can find negative balance! The blockages of individual chakras can be cleared as follows:

Red Description: The physical body complex minus the soul. Blockages here can manifest as ill health and emotional problems. An inability to control basic emotions is common. To clear: employ methods of maintaining the physical body that we learn through various media. Exercise, healthy eating, refraining from smoking, inactivity and drinking too much. A healthy brain can be achieved through a regular sleep routine, stress relief and meditation – as meditation and yoga are proven to change the workings of the brain. A healthy brain contributes to a healthy mind/body/spirit complex. Media and education tell us that depression, anxiety and mood swings can be controlled by a healthy lifestyle. Spiritually this is true because the red chakra is being unblocked, therefore energy flows and negative emotional energy dissipates. Through meditation and contemplation, realize what your emotional balance should be. Ideally, pure love is the highest attainable emotional energy vibration. Here's a very good book on Chakras: Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System Orange Description: This is the personal energy complex. Blockages manifest as problems with the self or acceptance of the self. Misunderstanding the self is also cause for blockage. This is most important due to the need for contemplation of the self in order to understand the self and to find balance as a whole. To clear: First contemplate portions of the self, for example, a problem with the constant need for human contact. Boil it down to one contradicting thought, being alone or being with others. Meditate upon that thought. The total silence of the mind opens the gateway to intelligent infinity. Meditate on aspects of the self in order to find the self. Subconsciously you will start to find answers about yourself. Contemplate on self-discovery. Most importantly, find acceptance of yourself. Acceptance of every part of you that you discover. For example, you feel like a 'geek' and hate yourself for it. Accept that you are 'geeky' and love yourself for it. Watch anxiety and other blockages fall away.

Yellow Description: Blockages in the yellow chakra show up as inflated ego. Too much focus on the self, gaining power, manipulating others. Socially you must be top of a hierarchy, focus of attention and have control over others. These distortions have varying degrees of intensity. The reverse is also true where a person is unable to express themselves socially and is effectively dominated and controlled by others. To clear: Understanding. An understanding of unity and equality. That we are all one, from one source, all equal. That love and light are the highest vibration. That giving and receiving love, service to others and allowance of free will, are absolutely key concepts in clearing this blockage and remaining on a positively orientated path. Now the egotistical self can begin to recede. Green Description: Universal love and compassion, the highest energy vibration, must be free to flow. You can find your own balance through careful contemplation and meditation. A total blockage manifests as a loveless person, to the extent of practising hatred and loathing. To clear: Carefully consider how much love and compassion you are capable of and see how far you can go. Practice love for all things. Not just other people, although this is vital, but animals, nature, the planet as a whole, the universe – even people you dislike. Complete open and free-flowing green-ray energy manifests as a person who is capable of looking upon an entity who hates them, with love. Blue Description: This chakra resides at the throat area and is responsible for communication. Blockages can show up as problems in understanding lessons taught to them. The person also has trouble accepting communication from other people and being able to adequately express thoughts, feelings and emotions themselves. To clear: A balanced free-flowing orange energy center is beneficial for blue because effective communication is aided by self-acceptance and confidence. A clear yellow-ray is also beneficial to remove any social imbalance, such as assuming power over others and therefore not listening to them, or being extremely submissive to others and not being able to communicate with them. Work on communication skills by spending more time with others and making an effort to communicate, practice writing, attend communication skills courses. Working on listening skills will help. Ask yourself, do you really listen when people talk? Take time to digest meanings that others are trying to convey to you. Understanding is required, that because we are all one, originating from one unified source, we are all interdependent – therefore it is necessary to accept communication from others in order to thrive. Indigo Description: Blockages here can manifest as feelings of unworthiness or that endeavours are effectively futile. To clear: Being the chakra of the third eye, meditation is key. Silence of the mind is of utmost importance. Through more and more meditation, the gateway to intelligent infinity can be opened. You will feel an increase in self-worth through the healing powers of universal love-light energy. Balancing this chakra is central to your spiritual transition to the next density of existence. Violet This chakra balances with free-flowing energy when the other energy centers reach balance. It cannot be altered in itself as it is purely the sum of the others. To clear: Balance the other energy centers. Know that each person's violet-ray chakra balances differently showing a different sequence and pattern of ever-spiralling patterns of light. To summarize, you can work toward the overall balancing of free-flowing energy through all chakras by knowing that through each attribute that you accept about yourself, you are one step closer to truly knowing and accepting the self. Each acceptance smooths over your distortions and better facilitates your judgement of the self.​ Then, you are more likely to find your overall balance. Confusions and misinterpretations about the self can cause energy centre blockages because you are allowing negative energy to flow. Distortions arise in your feelings, perception, thoughts, emotions, behaviors and so on. It is subtle and ongoing work, and patience and love-light are required. Use your intuition and do not design yourself, only explore yourself and balance accordingly.


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