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Solutions For Feeling 'Stuck' In Life, Releasing 'Stuck' Energies

Solutions For Feeling 'Stuck' In Life, Releasing 'Stuck' Energies

Are you feeling 'stuck' in your life? Allow me to explain how we become stuck in our lives in terms of manifesting and creating, and how to become unstuck. You may find on occasion, or maybe a lot, that you feel stuck in your life. You keep doing the same things or even trying new solutions, but nothing is changing. You want some progression in your life, something new to happen, something exciting, life to improve or to succeed, but you feel stuck, and nothing's changing no matter what you do. Now, when it comes to manifesting and creating our reality, which we perform via our thoughts, vibration, emotions and intentions; where we point our energy is key. If we keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different outcome, then we end up rather stuck. Even if we try little ways to change our circumstances, nothing blows us away, nothing much changes. You see, we are part of creation, the one infinite being that is our reality, we are part of that being, each a point of consciousness within it. Creation wants us to have new experiences, to move on to fresh adventures. We need to learn the lessons our current experiences are bringing, what life is teaching us right now, and often one lesson is transcendence — learning to accept our current circumstances and moving beyond what is, releasing and letting go, transcending situations and trusting in creation. It's also trusting in yourself as an infinite being; that everything will be okay. ​

When you reach the vibration of 'creation has got my back, everything is going to be okay', then things start being okay, better than okay.

Releasing that stuck feeling

A more drastic way to change your reality if you're feeling stuck is to make a radical change. Frequently we want to make changes but feel like we can't, so we're in the vibration of 'can't', 'wanting' and 'trying'. Let's take an example; say we're not keen where we're living and want to move somewhere else but can't because we don't have enough money or because of work. We don't make the final decision to move because we're waiting for the right time, the right circumstances to come about. We, therefore, keep doing the same things, trying our best to achieve our aims. But what we require, and what creation or our higher self wants, is for us to take the plunge, take the step of actually making the decision. That no matter what you do, even if you have to move into a smaller place, you're still going to move. Compromise is okay, what you're doing is changing your vibration from 'I want to, but I can't' to 'that's it, I'm doing it'. Trust in creation, trust in your higher self, have faith in your power and potential, and relax into reality. From a higher perspective, just go with life. Another example might be that you're stuck in the same unhappy job, but you feel like you can't move because of uncertainty or you already receive a comfortable salary. But you're sad; you don't know if you'll find a better job or one that you even enjoy. It's better the devil you know; 'I might end up with a horrible manager', so you don't take the plunge. You want to, you're trying, but you'll leave it for now and keep doing the same things over and over, putting off what you wish to achieve, remaining in the same vibration and so nothing much changes. But then you say nope! That's it, I'm going ahead, I'm going to quit this job! By making the decision, a firm decision and changing your vibration, something amazing will likely come along; it might come out of left field. It could be something unexpected. Changing your vibration to that of 'I'm going to do it', trusting in yourself and higher aspects of self that want you to have new experiences, the most amazing experiences fall in your lap. So if you're experiencing stuck energy, like your energy is stale and you've ground to a halt - often big decisions, significant changes and taking the plunge to change your vibration, causes everything to fall into place. Consciousness wants to expand and grow; that's what consciousness does, the mission consciousness is on. You are an infinite consciousness currently experiencing being human, and you're here for the learning and experience it brings. So if you allow yourself to stagnate in a particular set of circumstances, consciousness is not expanding. ​

You may feel that you're grinding to a halt, you're stifled, that there are cobwebs all over you or something like that. Everything's stale, even dull or there's nothing new for your mind; that feeling tells you it's time for a change or to do something new. When you invite in new energy, you're inviting possibilities that you never even imagined or thought possible. You don't know what you don't know, and by merely changing your vibration, you bring new unknown opportunities into your reality. Often we focus so intently on something we want, that we completely lock out all other possibilities. You want to have success, to grow your business, a new relationship, your charity or project to take off; frequently we focus so single-pointedly on that one thing while remaining in the vibration of 'want', that we lock out all the other opportunities. It's important to surrender. Sometimes we don't believe there are other opportunities, we think we know what we want but we don't know about other possibilities that would be even better for us. By focusing all our thoughts on one aim, we are preventing other situations that might be even better from entering our lives, those potentialities we don't even perceive. So dare to believe that infinite opportunities can enter your life, ones you aren't yet aware of; and the way to attract those is to surrender. Through surrendering, laying back into reality and going with the flow, we invite new energies. The vibration of 'bring me whatever is best for me'. We receive opportunities outside our frame of reference. You'll be surprised when they come along, and then you'll have to celebrate! So to sum up; don't focus too intently on any one aim or aspiration, relax into creation, surrender and release all expectations and quit pinning your happiness on the outcome you're trying to manifest. Happiness exists within you and gratitude is fantastic for raising your vibration. Release those 'stuck energies' and go with the flow. When your happiness lies somewhere in the future, your satisfaction is not now, and the present moment is all we have.


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