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Spiritual Awakening and Loneliness

Spiritual awakening and loneliness

Many people experience loneliness during spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening causes us to feel lonely because we suddenly find that our perceptions are out of alignment with others. We can't seem to relate to our friends and family anymore. Priorities suddenly change, for example, we may want to quit watching fear-mongering news or meaningless entertainment on television, leaving a void when we try to relate to people we would usually talk to about these things. ​ We start to suspect that our system is controlled from the shadows, but many people are not willing to hear such information and it can be frustrating. We might not be able to relate to our workmates anymore if we start to view our job role as somewhat meaningless or unethical; it may still be very important to our colleagues. If we are unable to relate to others, we can find ourselves stuck for something to say, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Friends and family worry about us. They might accept the changes we are going through or they might reject us. Their reactions can be quite negative as they worry what on earth we're going through. I know that I received some very strange looks from my family members as they alluded to the fact that I was going completely mad. We might feel self-conscious or embarrassed about what we have become. This should only last in the short term however, as we begin to accept that as awakened beings, our consciousness is rising and we are becoming radiators of love, light and understanding. We start to empathize with those who are 'unawakened' and have more and more self acceptance, reducing self-consciousness and embarrassment.

Why is spiritual awakening lonely

We can feel lonely during spiritual awakening because of frustration with others; why won't they wake up? Why are they not interested in the true nature of self? Or that we are living in an energetic reality where there are no solid objects, only energy? Why are they not finding happiness within, instead of stressing about every little thing in life? It can feel lonely trying to tell them about the amazing concepts we have learned, or trying to change them in an attempt to initiate a spiritual awakening. Realize that they will awaken in their own time. Loneliness often arises during spiritual awakening because the ego breaks down. The a sense of self, self esteem, self Image, how we perceive ourselves and reality around us is completely shattered. We realize that everything we learned up until now is only part of the story or totally incorrect. So the sense of self breaks down because we realize we are an infinite being, and our perception of reality completely shifts; this leaves us feeling unsafe and exposed. During this process we literally cannot deal with anyone. How can we face our friends if we do not know who we are anymore? We need time to heal. The 'dark night of the soul' happens to many who are going through spiritual awakening. This occurs when ego death is so strong that we must withdraw from society to reinvent ourselves and perform much needed healing. To family and friends this looks very much like a psychotic episode, they can become very concerned and even commit us to hospital. However, the dark night of the soul needs to play out, it is a necessary phase for many. But how are we supposed to face others when we are completely breaking down? So during spiritual awakening we may want to be alone because we cant's face others, or because we need time to rebuild. Some of us however, find ourselves alone but do not wish to be. We have no one to turn to. We may feel lonely and wish to be with others, this dilemma arises because we are now out of alignment and have little in common with our family and friends. Rest assured however, as you do your healing and your vibration rises, you will attract others of a like vibration, like minded people into your reality. It is important to know that it is okay to be alone, accept that it is okay. ​ There are always people online going through spiritual awakening, and when you are ready you will find them. Over time, family and friends often soften up and begin to accept us once more. Some lucky people have a friend who has also gone through spiritual awakening who are there for support. This is something to be grateful for. Soon we start to become more comfortable with the self, gaining much more confidence as we emerge the absolute best version of ourselves. We begin to attract people of a like vibration and as we choose to be with them. We find our 'tribe' perhaps through spiritual groups, events, sessions, volunteering, online groups or just by synchronous chance! Things get better and better. It may seem tough and lonely right now, but a wondrous and beautiful life to be shared with others definitely awaits you if you so choose. This is a helpful book to have during the awakening process: Consciousness Rising: Guiding You Through Spiritual Awakening and Beyond.


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