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Spiritual Awakening & Anxiety

Anxiety can begin to surface during spiritual awakening. This anxiety is partly due to the information we uncover changing our perceptions, partly the disintegration of the self, and because the subconscious mind is bringing up anything and everything we have neglected to heal. Some people have a beautiful and peaceful awakening, and that's wonderful. In my experience,

Spiritual Awakening & Anxiety

however, I have found that the majority go through some sort of dark or anxious transition process. This phase in our spiritual awakening can last for weeks, months or even several years; depending on the strength of our deep-rooted 3D beliefs, dependency on 3D reality and the amount of subconscious healing (inner work) required. If you are going through the anxiety phase of spiritual awakening, I want you to know that you are not alone, that it is a necessary transition and that you will emerge from it, stronger than ever before. What Causes Anxiety During Spiritual Awakening?

Suddenness Spiritual awakening can come on very suddenly. We were plodding along in our 3D based life, may be limited by strict religion, perhaps we were an atheist. We accepted general ideas about our societal and global systems, were unsure about the continuance of life, and were unaware of the energetic and metaphysical nature of reality. Then some catalyzing realization occurred, which lead to another and then to another until our reality completely shifted. We suddenly acknowledged the infinite nature of consciousness, the energetic nature of everything, that we have hidden senses with potential for development, and that neither science nor society gives two hoots about any of it! Our priorities suddenly shift, we become cognitively misaligned with family and friends, and the concept of who we are is totally shattered into pieces. In other words, our ego, the entire concept of who we are and everything about us, vanishes; replaced by an inescapable question mark. If I am not merely a walking, talking mammal, then what am I? And what does this mean? Why doesn't anyone else seem to care? How can I function in the 3D system and reality now? As you can imagine and have probably experienced, all of this causes quite a feeling of anxiety. We were getting along fine, well mostly fine, and now everything has changed. What are we supposed to do in this situation? In actuality, we have become lost on the way to finding ourselves. Anxiety and panic attacks may ensue, the search for more information is on, but it takes time to integrate all this. One thing I would say is to give yourself plenty of time and take things really easy. Easier said than done when we have so many commitments in life, but it's quite common that where possible, individuals going through spiritual awakening, withdraw or at least partially withdraw from society, in order to heal and rebuild. If we don't know who we are anymore, and don't yet grasp the nature of reality yet, we need to minimize unnecessary triggers for anxiety and take things one step at a time. Programming We have been 'programmed' from a young age with 'the way things are'. The generally accepted norms, behaviors and beliefs within society were our beliefs too; children are very susceptible to programming because they follow the examples of caregivers and peers. 'The way things are' is the way we are used to things being, it's nice and safe. But when we discover (largely) hidden information which causes us to question 'the way things are', we begin to feel unsafe, out of place, and perhaps, conned or lied to. Confidence Shock Everything has changed and our ego is disintegrating due to our spiritual awakening; we're not sure what we want yet, what to do, and a deluge of negative emotions are emerging. The subconscious mind begins a sort of takeover; an array of emotions arise from our past traumas because we are weakened due to our dissolving ego. Without our strong sense of self repressing past pain, all that's left is the unhealed subconscious mind crying out for healing. Until we begin to get a grip of our new sense of self and reality, negative emotion is strong. We begin, however, to realize that we are still safe and well, so the subconscious calms a little, awaiting the much-needed healing that we embark upon during our spiritual path. Our confidence naturally suffers during this emotional breakdown, due to reliving the past and being unable to cope with the present. If our confidence disappears, anxiety naturally arises. During the intense anxiety phase of my own spiritual awakening, which began after the first few weeks and lasted several months, I viewed the 3D world unfolding around me as a sort of bizarre 'B' movie that I wasn't even part of. Everyone was going about their daily lives. I wished they knew what I knew about the nature of reality, and the degree to which our consciousness is suppressed. Helpless, and powerless, I detached more and more, existing in a state of anxious futility. Anxiety Due To Isolation You may not be physically alone during your awakening, but you can feel like you are. If you're the first of your family and friends to go through spiritual awakening, then you may lack the support you need. This sense of loneliness can cause anxiety, not just because of the isolation and feeling misunderstood, but because we perceive that others think we are crazy. I have an article on spiritual awakening and loneliness here. Your Third Eye is Cleansing Out You are awakening, and this affects to your third eye. You are beginning to see, really see. The truths of our existence are revealing themselves and your consciousness is elevating, therefore you naturally tune into energies you previously ignored. Anxiety arises as we empathically and psychically sense others' emotions and thoughts more and more; not always of a high vibration, we experience them as if they are our own.

Fear Of Negative Beings When we truly realize the continuance of life, we sometimes suspect there are spirits around. This can turn into fear of negative spirits or demons. Although this is rare, if we are living in a very negative vibration for long periods of time, we can become attractive to spirits with lower intentions. Protection is important and information on protection can be found here. Once we emerge from the anxiety phase and our vibration rises, we're no longer an attractive prospect for such beings, and in turn, our fear and anxiety surrounding them lessens. Sometimes, the purging of negative emotion during spiritual awakening is so strong, that it feels like a negative entity of some kind, is literally coming out of us. Usually, this is not an actual being as such, but the accumulation of negative energy gathered over many years purging from our energy field. Of course, this process creates anxiety, but it does pass. Physical Symptoms Making Us Anxious Physical symptoms often arise during a tumultuous awakening. The purging of emotion from the subconscious can create physical responses such as shaking, jerking, rocking, intense heat, sweating, restlessness, aching, and more, even muttering to yourself. This can be a frightening experience, raising anxiety levels. Again, in allowing this phase time to pass, knowing that it is occurring for your greater good and ultimate healing, we release resistance to the situation and exist in a state of acceptance, allowing anxiety to fade. Feeling Better Because It's A Necessary Phase Clearing Out The early stages of awakening are often filled with anxiety. Everything is changing in our world, within our perceptions and within ourselves. You may emerge with a new personality, new priorities and purpose. You are clearing out old energies ready to welcome in the new. With this understanding your anxiety may reduce, knowing that it is a necessary phase in your evolution. Through alchemy, your old energies are transmuting, ready to invite a new vibration. If your former self was the caterpillar; it's time to make a protective cocoon around your psyche while you make a transition, a transformation. Eventually, when you are ready, you'll emerge a new kind of being; great, magnificent, and able to reach new heights, a state of bliss that your previous self was unable to even imagine. Here is a useful book explaining how the dark sides of the spiritual life are a vital ingredient in deep, authentic, healthy spirituality: The Dark Night of the Soul: A Psychiatrist Explores the Connection Between Darkness and Spiritual Growth.


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