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Twelve Ways To Strengthen Your Aura

Twelve Ways To Strengthen Your Aura

You are an energetic being, and evidence of that can be seen in your auric field. Your aura can be seen surrounding your body by those who are practised and able. Often a wispy white, but colors can also be seen by the more adept, indicating the degree to which each chakra energy is dominant. Overall, our aura can be bright and radiant or it can be dull with dark or black patches. We want a strong aura because it protects us from a multitude of energetic onslaughts such as psychic energies, the negative emotions of others, strong astrological energies or even man-made electromagnetic energies. A strong healthy aura is a sign of a powerful mind/body/spirit complex. It enables psychic and other spiritual abilities to develop more effectively and energizes us to pursue life with vigour. So here are twelve ways to strengthen your aura. 1. Expose Yourself To Negative Ions. Negative ions mop up harmful free radicals which can deplete your energy field. Negative ions are most abundantly found in the earth, therefore by standing barefoot on the grass or earth, negative ions will flow into both your physical and energetic bodies through your feet. Negative ions can also be found near moving water such as waterfalls, lapping waves, and taking a walk in the rain. It's that intuitive crisp, fresh, high vibrational feeling you get in nature. You can also hug a tree by the way. So strengthen your aura with negative ions.

2. Visualization and Calling Upon Your Higher self

Strengthen Your Aura

Reality is created and altered by the mind. What you truly believe, will be. you can boost the strength of your aura through meditation and visualization. Sit in a meditative position and meditate for about 15 minutes in order to begin to center and focus. Then in your mind's eye, visualize your aura around you glowing brightly with more and more intensity. Do so for about five to ten more minutes. In addition to this you can call upon your higher self for additional strength. Ask your higher self to send you light and visualize a stream of glowing prana energy streaming down from above and entering your auric field just above the top of your head. This infinite loving energy will then feed and strengthen your aura. You may do this for about five minutes and remember to thank your higher self afterwards. 3. Use Crystals Hold one of the following crystals for 20 minutes or move it around your body at the same time. Ensure you cleanse them first. Amethyst is great because it transforms negative energies into positive energies, and negative energies affect your aura. Black tourmaline and shungite provide great protection from man-made electromagnetic energies, such as Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation, which can deplete your aura. Labradorite is said to actively repair auric fields, healing tears and dark spots. 4. Use Essential Oils Essential oils have been shown to improve mood and well-being, in other words, to raise your vibration. The following essential oils have been found to be particularly effective as seen by those who are able to perceive auras. These essential oils are; rose, orange, lemon and lime, sandalwood, lavender and rosemary. 5. Eat and Drink High Vibrationally

Your Aura

What we put inside ourselves affects our vibration immensely. As in my video on water, we should always express love to our drinks and thank our food too, because this changes their molecular arrangement and general vibration. Also, plants don't mind being eaten if we thank them. Try to eat as organically as possible with plenty of fresh foods and eliminate low-food-value processed foods, which are essentially dead and void of energy. These foods actually suck energy from our energetic auric field. 6. Tapping You can perform tapping on yourself by tapping using your fingers on meridian points on the body, such as, the top of your head, above your top lip, your chin, under your eye and your collarbone. You increase energy flow. Dark patches can form in your aura near to where energy has stagnated within the body. Tapping helps to open up and free your meridians, your energy highways, strengthening your aura.

​7. Spend More Time In The Sun Now, I'm not saying to get yourself sunburnt, but a healthy safe amount of sun without blocking it out with creams and clothing, even for just a few minutes, helps to strengthen your aura. Energy flows and transfers from the center of our galaxy to our sun, then to the earth and all beings on Earth. The Sun doesn't merely transfer light but prana life-giving energy that strengthens your aura. 8. Shield Yourself From Psychic Attack Psychic attacks can drain our mental and spiritual energies over time, causing dark spots to appear in our protective aura. It's helpful having boundaries with those who drain our energies. Limiting our exposure to those who intentionally drain us obviously helps. 9. Yoga I love a bit of yoga. Personally, I find it very meditative and brings me mindfully into my body. Aches and pains are alleviated, and it re-disperses vital energies around my body. It's really great for getting rid of dark or weak patches in your aura.

10. Meditation and Sleep When we sleep, our consciousness returns spirit side and to other layers of existence. Although we don't always remember of course. We are spiritual beings and our consciousness needs to recharge in spirit, this strengthens our energies here on earth. Meditation too has a similar effect as it is like conscious sleep. We are awake yet focusing mindfully with a view to calming the mind and reducing thought. In this way we connect with higher aspects of ourselves and spirit dimensions, therefore recharging our aura and energies here on earth. 11. Smudging My husband and I use Palo Santo Holy Wood (sustainable) or sage, and we waft it all around each other. Smudging purifies your energies, dissipates negative energies with a higher vibration, wards off negative entities, and centers and balances the mind, body and spirit. All contribute to a good strong aura. 12. Perform Emotional Healing If we can heal subconscious traumas from our past, limiting and negative core beliefs, our wounded or unloved inner child, unhelpful excess thoughts and negative emotions. Negative emotions such as self-doubt, shame, guilt, unworthiness, sadness, anxiety and depression. Then our vibration is free to rise more easily, and we will feel much better day to day. Inner work is a huge topic not for this article, so see my inner work playlist. Working on self-love too is very important and all of this strengthens your aura. Here is a useful book on Auras: A Little Bit of Auras: An Introduction to Energy Fields (A Little Bit of). ​​ If you know of more ways to strengthen your aura please let me and others know in the comment section below, and I wish you much love moving forward.


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