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What Are Orbs? Is There An Orb In My Photo?

Orbs in photos

Orbs show up as circles or spheres of white light, on photographs, video, and with the naked eye. As well as white, orbs are occasionally blue, yellow, green or red. An orb may have shown up in one of your photos, perhaps next to a family member or friend, and now you're wondering what on earth it could be. What Are Orbs? Dust Particles, Pollen Or An Insect. The usual suspects are dust particles and pollen, where the light from the flash is reflected off such material and back into the lens. The particle could be up ahead or even on the lens. Orbs are often still visible, however, even when the flash is disabled. A light source behind the photographer, instead of the flash, can also cause dust particles to illuminate, but again, as with the next photograph below, the photographer (my husband) was in darkness, with only the light of the moon high up ahead. Strange, isn't it?

An orb with an unknown 'ghost hunter'

​Occasionally an insect is blamed. However, there is usually an obvious lack of wings or legs, and insects are never usually perfectly round, as orbs generally are. A Trick Of The Light. Perhaps the culprit is a trick of the light, reflection, or a lens flare. Again a lens flair occurs due to a light source interacting with the lens, and it has to be pretty bright and rarely happens indoors. Often orbs are pictured, for example, in the living room with family, where the light is too dim for a lens flare. Photos exist where there is no other light source but the flash itself, and a camera flash is never within the angle of view. This eliminates the possibility, in those instances, of an orb being a lens flare. Now, I'm not saying that these things don't happen, but genuine orbs look somewhat different to the culprits above and appear at special moments as I'll explain shortly. In addition, none account for seeing an orb with your own eyes; you'd be able to tell if it's an insect!

The moon and an orb in a photo

Are Orbs Spirits? Some people find that orbs only show up at family events or joyful times, confirming for them, the presence of their loved ones. If orbs are loved ones in spirit, we know they would want to be with us on such special occasions, just like when they were alive. Mediums often tell us of how our loved one was present at our wedding, or with us on vacation; and seeing an orb is us catching a glimpse of their energy at that moment. Oftentimes, when you study an orb in a photograph, you can make out a face within it. Spirit can create this effect as a way of revealing themselves to you, depicting their face when they were alive. Some believe that orbs are their spirit guides or even angels, all beings in spirit that can be seen as orbs. Here is a popular book on orbs if you'd like to delve into the subject of orbs and spirit: "Entering The Light Fantastic" (Discovering Life After Life Through Orbs). Why Would Spirit Show Up As An Orb? Spirits exist within another dimension, a frequency of existence outside of our perceptual range. We do, however, occasionally tune into this frequency, or spirit is able to reveal themselves for a split-second to be captured on camera. It takes a great deal of energy for spirits to reveal themselves as a full-body apparition, and this is not something they usually do for fear of frightening us! Spirits are no longer in human form, they are energetic in nature. Therefore, we catch just a tiny portion of their energy, for a mere moment, in the shape of an orb. ​Seeing An Orb With Your Own Eyes Once we open up to the existence of orbs, we begin to see them more and more. By accepting they are there, we tune into their frequency and allow our third eye to perceive them. I see one or two orbs per day, usually white but sometimes blue or green. Yes, I have checked I don't have a vitamin B12 deficiency or anything like that. I was already very aware of the existence of spirit (we are all spirit after all) but once I opened up to the prospect of seeing orbs, they began to show themselves to me. They appear at significant times too, such as when my husband and I have had a great idea, or when we are having fun with the family. The best orb I ever saw was at home. I was going up the stairs and it was hovering on the landing. It seemed to see me coming and as if to say, 'Oops, I've been spotted!', it moved up through the ceiling and disappeared. The orb was a three-dimensional, spherical shape, and not a reflection on the wall as there were no light sources for that. Intuitively I felt it was a family member, wishing me and my family love. Children are usually best at perceiving orbs. We are born with an active and radiant third eye, only becoming inactive through years of little or no use. A number of my clients have spoken about seeing orbs regularly when they were children. Perhaps the orbs were friends in spirit, wishing them well for their journey ahead.

Orbs And Aliens

Orbs are aliens?

Orbs are associated with crop circles. They have been filmed creating them, with the film verified as real. These types of orbs are larger, and due to their crop circle creating abilities, are believed to be alien thought-form craft. I have on several occasions witnessed white orbs in the sky; still for a moment then darting off, stopping, and then disappearing altogether. Other Points Of Note As well as orbs, we may also perceive spirit as wispy energy or strands of light. These souls are of a high vibration, hence they appear as light or in beautiful colors. Earthbound spirits (ghosts) on the other hand, are usually dark and shadowy because they radiate no light. Beings trapped here on earth who choose not to go toward the light, tend to be stuck in a low vibration and do not show up as orbs or strands. Say Hello To Orbs So when you see an orb, be it in a photo, video or with your own eyes; say hello and thank them for showing up. They likely appeared at that particular moment for a reason, perhaps to confirm something, send love, or just to be there for you at a time of significance. Whatever

the reason, know that your loved ones and guides are there for you, and an orb is confirmation of that.


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