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Why Does Time Feel Like It's Speeding Up?

Why Does Time Feel Like It's Speeding Up?

Do you feel like there is less and less time in the day? That time is speeding up and you're unable to perform as many tasks within 24 hours? Well, you're not alone. Many feel like there are now only approximately 16 hours in a day. Here I explain both the logical and spiritual reasons why this may be. Can We Put It Down To Aging? One explanation for this is that as we age, we remember less information. As children grow up, they are like little sponges, soaking up huge amounts of information that we as adults don't even think about. Take physics as an example; 'What happens when I drop a ball?' well, it goes down, it bounces or doesn't bounce depending on what it's made from. As we grow older, we already know more and more of the causes and the resulting effects that occur in our reality, not just physics, but social, economic, lifestyle, health aspects and more. Therefore, there is less information to absorb. This results in time seemingly speeding up, because when we look back, we subconsciously perceive less new information, sensing a shorter passage of time.

Our Perception Of Time Speeding Up We tend to look back and perceive time in terms of events. Duration of time is sensed by how many events have occurred and how faded the memories have become. You may notice that if you spend a week performing everyday or routine activities, it seems like less time has passed than if you experienced lots of new activities, such as you would during a vacation. This is because, on vacation, you usually create many new memories by doing various novel activities and pastimes, but during an uneventful working week, all activities tend to merge together. There are fewer new memories to look back upon and review. Signs From The Schumann Resonance From a more metaphysical point of view, the Schumann Resonance peaking is a sign that (among many other signs) that the collective vibration of planet Earth is rising, this being due to the Earth moving into its next stage of existence; the fourth density. The Schumann Resonance, the average of the radiofrequency radiation between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere, would previously average out at around 7.5 Hertz, whereas now it often reaches 50 Hertz. It may be true that in the fourth density of existence, time is experienced differently to here in the third density. This may be because the fourth-density has an additional dimension of time. Here in the third density, we experience 4 dimensions; width, length, depth and time (time running along in a line in one direction). In the 4th density, time would be experienced both forwards and backwards, adding a fifth dimension to our experience of life. This is why the fourth-density is sometimes called 5D.

Well, The Clocks Aren't Moving Any Faster As we are moving into the fourth density, along with the earth, our resulting experience of time could be greatly altered, with us perceiving the dissolving of time. If we can move around in time at will in the fourth density, bidirectionally, then the first symptoms we might experience during this transition would be the increasing rapidity of time.

Time Speeding Up?

But, You Are Multidimensional There are still 24 hours in a day here in the third-density; the hands on a clock do not appear to be whizzing around faster, however, our consciousness picks up on energetic changes. Our experience of life seems to be speeding up, but physically, in terms of clocks counting or events happening, there is no perceivable speed change. But by the time we reach the end of each day, we look back and our consciousness perceives that time has flowed much faster than it ever has before. You can't fool consciousness because our consciousness extends outside of this reality, your soul or higher self is both here within you on Earth, and outside of time in other dimensions. We experience time in this reality from within the timeline. We are encompassed within in the effects of time, therefore we do not see physical differences. However, our consciousness, our soul, knows better, and we intuitively sense that the dynamics of time are changing.

Is It Ascension? For me, time speeding up is more evidence of ascension, of the raising in vibration of the mass consciousness and of Earth. There are many who comment and even complain of the increasing pace of time. Therefore, to remedy the situation, it would be beneficial for us to adapt to the changes and this new stage in our evolution. Alleviating The Effects Of Time Speeding Up Reality is created via thought, our own thought plus collective thoughts; and this will be very apparent in the fourth density, where you can change your 'location' in time at will via thought. It would follow then, that if we allow ourselves to perceive we have plenty of time to complete tasks, ample time to do what we want to do, then this is what we will manifest. Imagine getting things done with plenty of time to spare. Before you commence a task, visualize completing it easily, with no rush. Time will therefore be increasingly under our mental control. We need to master time once more, casting off the mindset of having too much to do, or having little time to do it; we can free our minds of the mental shackles of time as we move into an existence without time limitations. You are an infinite immortal being. Time will be no limitation for you if you have definite intentions and the firm belief that you create your own reality, including the pace at which it moves. Here is a good book that might help: The Power of Time Perception: Control the Speed of Time to Make Every Second Count.


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