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When It's Best To Use Your Intuition Over Logic

Intuition or logic?

Logical, left brained, decisions are great indeed, especially when used together with intuition. There are certain times in life however, when using intuition on its own is the best option. Intuition is that feeling we get, that sense of knowing about the best action to take or the optimal way to go. We sense it via a gut feeling, or a knowing led by the heart. Using intuition is all about making those decisions that just feel right, they feel good, filling you with enthusiasm. Times when you should rely on your intuition: 1. If You Are Mostly Making Logical Decisions And Things Are Not Turning Out For The Best Logical, left brained decisions are of the human self, of the thinking mind. This is deeply rooted in our three-dimensional reality, of the ego. Intuition however, is of the soul. When we use our intuition we are getting in touch with our soul, understanding the needs of our true self, using our divine compass. If you notice you are making primarily logical decisions in life, weighing up the pros and cons, and taking action based on equations you make for yourself; stop and try using your intuition. What feels good? What feels right? Here we are deciding less, and feeling more. 2. If You're Looking For A Purpose In Life

Using your intuition is reading your soul, helping you stick to your optimal life path. We can't not be on our life path, life itself is our life path. But we can be on our optimal path, where we are achieving the learning and experience aims set down by our soul. When we are searching for a purpose in life, our intuition tells us the best way to go. Which pastime, activity or occupation makes your heart sing? More often than not, when we follow our intuition to do with life purpose, it puts us on a path that creates more abundance than we could possibly imagine. Improving our world, helping more people than if we had made the more logical choice. The logical choice may seem like the best way to go if we do the math; but the intuitive choice, although seemingly risky or crazy, can prove fruitful in the end. 3. When You Meet Someone Or Enter A New Relationship Intuition tells us a lot about someone. It's that feeling you get when you meet a person for the first time, you can't quite put your finger on it, you just know that they are kind and genuine, or that they cannot be trusted. There may not be any clues coming from their body language, tone of voice or what they say, but intuitively you gain a sense of what they are truly like. When you are feeling into someone's energies, you are using your intuition. You are psychically reading their aura, sensing their vibration. This is not possible with the logical mind. 4. In Business Decisions Another great time to use your intuition is in making business decisions. The most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they follow their gut feeling or their heart when it comes to business. Be it financial investments, launching a product or starting a new business; people in touch with their intuition usually create more abundance than others. This is them feeling into their future. All is written in the Akashic records, whether it be past or future. Using your intuition helps you to know. 5. Making Big Decisions When a big timeline jump is coming up, your soul knows about it. You can communicate with your soul and pierce the veil of forgetting by using our intuition. When we are born we forget everything we ever knew, but by using our intuition little pieces of wisdom and inspiration seep through from our soul or higher self. The soul already knows potential futures that we could experience, depending on our decisions. So by using intuition, we can better know the potential outcomes moving forward. If you would like to gain new intuitive skills, and learn to experience and trust your intuition, take my Intuitive & Psychic Development Course. 6. When Asking For Guidance From Your Spirit Guides or Higher Self Intuition is always used when communicating with your spirit guides or higher self. You could also call it claircognizance. It is that sense of knowing; knowing the answers that you are receiving. We set the intention to communicate with our guides and we might ask them a question; we use intuition to feel the response and know the answers through and through. 7. Knowing The Best Way To Help Someone Helping someone is a great time to use your intuition. Here you're tuning into their soul. Logically you might know the best way to help them, but by using your intuition, you can act quicker and provide even better assistance. You are also tuning into their energies, you are empathically knowing how they really feel. When we intuitively know this we are better able to help. 8. When You Are In An Unexpected Or Tricky Situation You might be caught off guard or not know what to do. Sometimes when we find ourselves in an emotionally charged situation, perhaps in shock ,and the logical thinking mind doesn't always think so clearly. Let's say there is an accident; we might not know what to do. Using our intuition and feeling for the best action to take allows us to instinctively and quickly respond. So relax and instinctively intuit your way through tricky situations. So that's been 8 times you should use your intuition. It's a great gift, we all have it, and all too often we prioritize logic when we might be better off using our intuition.


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